“Oh fuck,” he groans as my pussy grips him, pulling him in. “Already, baby?” he croaks. “Fuck!”

I writhe against the bed, helpless, powerless, as my walls convulse around him. Milking my orgasm from him.

I’m only using him, I have to remind myself.

I fucking hate him, I repeat inside my head as I explode with bliss.

All these warm, gooey feelings… they’re mine, not his.

He fights through my clench, pulling himself out and then slamming back in. Over and over again.

Fucking me like an animal.

There’s no love, there’s no beauty in this.

My ears ring with the sound of his skin slapping against my skin.

This is just pure, primal instinct.

His balls slap against my ass.

Two people using each other.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Above me, he glares down at me and beads of sweat form on his brow.

The tremors from my release begin to fade away and I have this urge to hurt him. I wish he wasn’t restraining me so I could rip my nails down his back.

I want to punish him. I want to fucking damage him.

Stretching up, I do the only thing I can do. Pushing my mouth against his shoulder, I bite down, hard.

His grip around my wrists tightens and dirty, filthy words start to pour from his mouth.

I wrap my legs around his hips and lock my ankles behind his back.

He growls and snaps, pushing me down. He chest smashes against my breasts as he pounds me into the mattress.

The head of his cock bumps against the barrier of my womb and I explode.

Gushing all over him as I come again.

His roar is so loud in my ear it’s deafening. And then he’s growing inside of me, swelling and pulsing, but he doesn’t slow.

No, he begins to fuck me harder and faster as he fills me with his sticky cum.

My body rocks up and down, and the headboard cracks against the wall.

“Amy,” he roars my name, and for a moment I’m weak. I feel myself starting to let him in.

But then his thrusts begin to slow and his breath is hot against my ear as he says, “You’re mine.”

I try to jerk away. I turn my face to the side but I can’t escape his lips.

“You’re mine now. You belong to me,” he grunts into my ear as his hips roll deep, grinding into my clit.

I whimper and writhe beneath him, too sensitive after all my orgasms.

“And if I’m not fucking mistaken,” he sighs, finally stilling above me. “I just got you pregnant.”



Amy’s hasn’t stopped glaring at me since this morning. Thinking about it though, it might have started last night when she tried to pull away from me after I got her pregnant.

I don’t think she could have tried any harder to get away from me after I told her. She squirmed and raged at me, hitting me and kicking me with all her small might. I’m a big man, though, and there was only so much she could do with her fists.

After she finally wore herself out, I pulled her tight to my chest. Holding her in my arms last night, listening to her slow, even breathing gave me the time to get my thoughts in order.

First thing; I have a child on the way. I’m certain of it. I feel it in the very marrow of my bones.

After I poured myself into her, I felt a spark of life. Our lives will forever be entwined now.

Marrying Amy should be a top priority. The paperwork won’t be a problem but the vows should be interesting. If she fights as hard about the vows as she did with my claiming her, I might have to do the same thing right then and there on the alter. That could cause some issues with the priests… but nothing money wouldn’t fix.

Second thing is I need to get my house in order. The one we’re in now isn’t what I think of when I see my family in my head. Amy, Abigail, and our soon-to-be-born. We need a bigger house, and maybe a housekeeper/nanny to help Amy out.

Abigail is mine, I meant it when I said that to Amy. I need to get her back into a regular routine so she can adjust to this as quickly as possible. Having Abigail on my side of things will make the transition easier for Amy in the long run.

Everything comes back to Amy though. She is my reason for being now.

She fights like a little hellcat when I force her to do what’s best. I like it though. She’s a fighter, and she doesn’t just give in to what others want.

Did I hit the nail on the head when I told her that her choices brought her to this point and time? I’m pretty sure I did. She needs to know her choices determine her fate. And she needs to know her fate is now entwined with mine.

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