Fuck, even if I’m dead that motherfucker will not touch them. I’ll burn down hell itself to get back to them.

Simon may be a deadly man with his information, hell, he’s a pretty good killer too, but Lucifer will come for me first. It will be him, not Simon. There aren’t any footsteps outside the door, that’s not Lucifer’s way.

He’ll kill his soldier himself or at least try to.

Not a word is said for three full minutes.

Nobody moves.

No sound comes from us. I’m seconds away from releasing hell on this room. I don’t see this as betrayal, no this is me protecting what’s mine.

In this life we take what’s ours, we fight for what’s ours, and we kill those who try to take it from us.

As suddenly as the silence starts, Lucifer cracks a smile and I hear Simon grumble out, “Fucking nuts, the both of you.”

I don’t relax, I’m going to kill someone. Killing someone should never be done while laughing.

Shaking his head, Lucifer says, “You owe me, Simon. Pay up.”

“I should have known better,” Simon says as he pulls an envelope stuffed full of cash out of his suit pocket.

Lucifer opens a drawer on the right side of the desk and my hand goes to my gun.

“Calm yourself, Andrew. Amy isn’t going anywhere but home with you.”

Accepting the envelope from Simon, Lucifer slides it in the desk.

Simon stands up, grumbling as he says, “Andrew, you just cost me five thousand dollars because of your caveman and his woman shit.”

Shaking his head, he says before leaving the room, “I’ll report back in tomorrow, Matthew. I’m going to go through all the information again, to see if I missed anything.”

My hand is close to my gun, just the tips of my fingers resting on the handle. “What was the wager?”

Smirking, Lucifer says, “I bet Simon that you would rather put your future with your gun than let her go. He said not all men are captivated by a woman like I was with Lily.”

Moving my hand back to my lap, I say, “Ivan needs to die.”

“I agree, but right now we need to see where our little rat leads us.”

“What did he say about Amy?” I ask.

“He demanded we turn her over.”

“Not happening. Shit, for fun we should tell that wife of his about him having a mistress. She’s the one who’s worth all that money, isn’t she?”

“It’s a good idea, and once tomorrow is over we just might.”

We stand from the desk a few minutes later and head down to the women and children.

He stops me just as we step off the stairs.

Placing a hand on my shoulder, he turns me to face him. “Don’t ever put my fucking faith in you to the test, Andrew. One of us would not leave the room.”

Smiling, I say, “I’m your man, Lucifer. But don’t ever think of my girls or unborn child as anyone’s but mine.”

Raising an eyebrow, he nods his head. “Andrew, congratulations are in order then. Will there be a wedding soon?”

“I have to tame her first.”



“Please, call me Lily,” Lucifer’s wife smiles at me once we’re settled on the couch in her luxurious living room. “Only Matthew calls me Lilith.”

This house is huge, like a palace or a museum, and every room we’ve passed through so far is elegantly appointed. I’d be in awe if I wasn’t so on edge.

Obviously being evil pays well.

I return Lily’s smile, trying to relax a little, but it’s hard to feel comfortable in the home of the devil. Just knowing I’m in his private domain is about to give me a panic attack.

“Wine?” she asks, and I quickly nod my head.

A little booze might be exactly what I need to relax.

She leans forward and begins to pour two glasses.

I glance towards Abigail, checking on her. Unlike me, she seems to be enjoying herself. She and Evie have already declared that they’re best friends.

The children have settled on a carpet in front of the roaring fireplace. Evie and Abigail babble and giggle non-stop, playing happily with a pile of dolls and dresses, but Adam holds himself away, just watching them. For a boy so young he looks entirely too stiff and serious.

Well, I suppose if Lucifer was my father I’d be very serious too.

Lily straightens from the table and hands me a full glass.

“To new friendships,” she smiles, lifting her glass in cheers.

“To new friendships,” I croak and lift my glass. My smile is so tight I’m afraid my lips might split.

She nods with approval and tips her glass back. I start to lift my glass to my lips and then suddenly remember I could be pregnant…


“What’s wrong?” Lily asks, lowering her glass and frowning at me with concern.

Lowering my glass, I stare down at the deep, red liquid. How can I even explain it? Does she have any clue what her husband does behind her back? I seriously doubt it.

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