“What? You don’t believe me?” Andrew asks, his voice softer but somehow more dangerous.

He takes a step toward me, filling up the space I created between us. His hand reaches down, his touch tender and soft at first but then he grips my chin and yanks it up. “I almost drew on Lucifer when I learned Ivan asked for you back.”

My eyes widen and my lungs freeze behind my ribs. Try as I might I can’t seem to draw air into them.

“I want to rip Ivan apart with my bare hands. I want to tear him limb from fucking limb and piss all over his rotting carcass for daring to ask for you back.”

Scraping up the last bits of my courage, I finally draw in some air and then ask the one question I’ve been dreading.

“Are you going to give me back?” I stammer out.

He might not have a choice, Lucifer might force the issue.

“No!” Andrew roars and pulls me into his chest. His grip on my chin is so hard it’s almost bruising. “What part of you’re mine is so fucking hard to understand? I’m never fucking giving you back.”

In this case, the devil I know is scarier than Andrew. After all, Andrew hasn’t actually hurt me, yet.

“But,” I argue. “You’ve only known me for a couple of days. You don’t know if you’ll want me around forever.”

Andrew just stares at me, his expression darkening. The longer he stares at me, the more I feel like I’ve just made a huge mistake.

I try to pull away, try to free myself from his grip but he pulls me back.

His bare chest rises and falls, and his black eyes flash with menace. “I see you haven’t accepted your fate yet.”

Before I can ask him what my fate is, he lifts me up, off my feet, and carries me over to the bed.

“I thought I made this very clear,” he says, and proceeds to dump me onto the mattress. “But if you need a demonstration, I’ll give you a fucking demonstration.”

My hair in my face, I sit up and try to brush it out of my eyes, but then my blouse is grabbed and yanked violently over my head.

“Andrew,” I squeak and just manage to get the hair out of my face before he’s pushing me back. He grabs the waist of my skirt and rips it down my legs.

I hear threads popping and fabric tearing.

“What are you doing?”

The only answer I get is an angry growl.

Warm hands slide under me, cupping my ass, and then they yank my panties down.

“I’m sorry,” I say, hoping to quickly appease him, though I’m not sure how I pissed him off in the first place.

His hands grab my knees and then my legs are spread apart.

I look down, staring at him as he undoes his pants. The sound of his zipper being ripped down is as loud as a gunshot.

Why was I afraid of Ivan again? I wonder, staring at Andrew. It’s hard to remember with him between my legs, a tower of powerful, rippling muscle.

Even when he’s not looming above me, his sheer size makes me feel so small… so vulnerable.

His pants drop, whispering down his legs, and then he’s upon me again, like a hungry animal going in for the kill.

“There are my lips.”

His mouth descends on my mouth and his hands push up my bra.

“These are my tits,” he growls into my lips.

He gives me one good hard kiss and then his mouth slides down. Grabbing me up, his hands mold around my breasts, squeezing them into his palms.

“Mine,” he growls again, and then he’s sucking on them. Drawing the tips into his mouth. Suckling noisily on my nipples.

I squirm against the bed, flooded with heat as he makes all these delicious little noises in the back his throat.

“Andrew,” I gasp, arching up and clutching at his shoulders as he sucks and sucks, driving me to the brink of madness.

And just when I think I can take no more, he begins to slide down my body, kissing a wet, slippery path.

His tongue circles my bellybutton. “My stomach.”

His eyes roll up to stare at me and I draw in my breath in anticipation.

Is he going where I think he’s going?

His eyes never leaving me, he slides down my body, his lips dragging over the curve of my mons.

His fingers wrap around my thighs and then he’s prying my legs open wider for him.

“This is my sweet little pussy,” he rumbles and then his tongue is dragging across my clit.

I jerk as if he just electrocuted me. My muscles tense up and my ass comes off the bed.

He forces me back down with his face.

Pushing his mouth up against my pussy, he sucks me into his mouth and then his tongue starts going crazy. There’s no buildup, no time to brace myself, he licks and suckles on me hungrily, like he’s trying to devour me with his mouth.

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