“Oh god,” I cry out, my fingers digging into the meaty flesh of his shoulders.

He makes an angry noise in the back of his throat and then his hands spread me wider. His tongue drags up and down my slit, and then he’s plunging in, like’s he fucking me with it.

“Andrew,” I mewl, my core throbbing and aching for him.

In and out, his tongue plunges, but it only leaves me wanting more. Wanting to be filled and stretched by his cock.

“So fucking sweet, so fucking wet,” he breathes, his breath hot against my wetness.

The tip of his tongue slithers up and then flicks against my sensitive little clit.

I jerk and twitch.

“So fucking responsive.”

His tongue presses against my clit and swirls around and around in tight little circles. Then his fingers slide inside me. Slick with my juices.

He pumps them in and out of me a few times, stretching out my tightness, and then he just stops.

I cry out as his mouth suddenly leaves me. I was so close to coming all over his face but now I’m twitching and trembling like a junkie needing a fix.

“Why did you stop?” I ask, my voice wispy and breathless.

He pulls away and my fingers tighten around his shoulders, trying to keep him from leaving me. He breaks my grip easily and takes a step back.

My hands drop down, defeated to the bed.

Panting, I stare at him, wondering what I did wrong this time.

Is this his punishment? To get me so close and then just stop, leaving me with a pulsing core and a throbbing clit?


He grabs me by the hips and then flips me over like it’s nothing to him.

“What the fuck?” I cry out and start to push up.

His hand comes down, heavy against my spine and pushes me back down until I’m flat against the mattress. Once I stop struggling, he grabs me by the hips and drags me down the bed.

I have no clue what he means to do but it’s useless trying to fight him. Just trying to push back up was enough to leave me feeling tired and breathless.

His hands fall on my ass, grabbing up two great big handfuls of it.

“This is my ass,” he growls and his fingers squeeze, constricting around me.

I moan and arch up into his hands, pushing my face into the mattress.

He shifts behind me and then I feel the heat of his breath brushing over my lower back.

“Mine,” he repeats, and then I feel his mouth kissing just where his breath was.

His hands squeeze and squeeze, and he begins to slide down, his lips following.

His right hand moves only to be replaced by his mouth. He kisses and nips at my right cheek while his hand continues to play with the left. Then he’s suckling on me and my toes curl against the bed.

Oh my god. I don’t know if it feels so good because it’s strange and foreign or because I’m extra sensitive there.

He bites me, his teeth sinking into the fleshiest part of my buttock, and then he slides over to do the same to the left.

Just like my breasts, he slides side to side, paying each cheek equal attention. By the time I feel his fingers sliding into my pussy again, I’m nearly delirious with my need for him.

“Andrew, please,” I groan, clutching desperately at the sheet on the bed.

“You’re still too fucking tight,” he grunts, using his fingers to stretch me open.

“I don’t care,” I whimper. “I want you inside me, now.”

“Fuck,” he grunts, and his fingers pump faster, some of his control starting to slip.

Head falling forward again, I bury my face into the bed, muffling my cries as he uses his fingers to bring me once more to the brink of my orgasm.

I’m so close I can fucking taste it. Then his fingers leave me again.

“Andrew!” I cry out before I feel the head of his cock pushing against my entrance.

“See. Too. Fucking. Tight,” he grits out as he fights his way in, pushing through my clench.

Reaching down, he even tries to spread me open but he’s just too damn big.

I don’t care at this point. I don’t care if he fucking rips me open. I need him inside me any way I can get him.

Inch by inch, he pushes his way in. Cursing and praising me for my tightness.

Once he finally bottoms out, I arch my back, pushing my ass into him to take him in even deeper.

“Fuck,” he gasps, and I’m wrapped so tightly around him I can feel his cock twitch.

Feeling a deep, visceral kind of satisfaction, I do it again.

“Stop that,” he grunts and delivers a sharp smack to my ass.

The pain is so sharp, so surprising, I immediately clamp down on him.

“Fucking hell, you’re trying to kill me,” he groans and reaches under me, his fingers finding my clit.

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