Expertly working the little bundle of nerves, he quickly brings me back to the brink of my orgasm, then swiftly sends me soaring over the edge.

I cry out, stars exploding behind my eyes as the walls of my pussy convulse and spasm around him.

“That’s better,” he grunts with satisfaction, using my gush of wetness to ease the friction.

Pulling back, I still grip him, but I’m too slick to hold him in.

He begins to fuck me slowly at first, easing me open with deep, lingering strokes as if he’s truly afraid he might hurt me.

And I enjoy it, savoring every deep stroke of his thick shaft gliding across my g-spot.

But once I come again, trembling and screaming his name, he stops holding back.

He grabs me roughly by the hips, pulls my ass up and begins to fuck me hard and fast.

“Whose pussy is this?” he asks, his thighs driving hard into my ass.

“Yours,” I grunt, too far gone to think twice about it.

“That’s fucking right,” he declares with satisfaction. And then I feel something probing against my other hole.

“And who’s ass is this?”

I may be nearly delirious from the pleasure but I’m still aware enough to be a little freaked out as his finger begins to push into me there.

I groan and shake my head, flexing my cheeks and trying to fight against the burning invasion.

“Whose ass is this, Amy?” Andrew hisses and thrusts his finger in.

Hoping my declaration will cause him to pull the finger out, I whimper, “Yours.”

He’s not satisfied with my answer though.

“Whose?” he grunts, withdrawing his finger only to thrust it back in.

“Yours!” I cry out louder, my ass tightening around his finger. The burning is starting to fade away but I’m still too freaked out to relax.

“That’s right,” he purrs, finally sounding satisfied and pulling his finger out. “And I’m going to fuck this ass one day… I’m going to mark all of your tight little holes with my dick.”

He grabs me by the hair and uses it to arch my head back. “But not today,” he breathes into my ear. “Today I’m going to fuck you so hard I’m going to brand this pussy with my cock.”

His finger gone, I finally start to relax. But then he wraps my hair around his fist and jerks my head back.

His hips slam into my ass and his skin slaps against my skin.

“And if you forget who you belong to tomorrow, I’ll fuck you until you remember.”

He begins to fuck me fast and furious.

“I’ll fuck you every fucking day until you remember who you belong to.”

My body driven forward by the force of his thrusts, I clutch at the bed, only his grip on my hair keeping from topping over.

“I’ll fuck you so much you’ll be drowning in my cum.”

Inside me, I can feel him swelling and growing even larger, and just knowing that he’s about to come makes me come again.

I cry out, dropping into warm oblivion, and somehow, someway, he begins to fuck me harder. Faster.

Until he lets out a hair-raising roar.

His warmth begins to fill me then he suddenly pulls out.

I cry out just as spurts of warmth hit my back, then my buttocks.

Slumping forward, I twitch with the last twinges of my orgasm until he presses the head of his cock against the entrance of my ass.

Tensing up again, I whimper as he eases in just enough to fill me there too. Grunting and growling until he’s spent.

Slowly he pulls out, and I swear I can feel him wiping his cock off on my cheeks. But then I fall forward, no longer able to hold myself up.

Catching my breath, I stare at the sheet, trying to figure out just what the fuck happened, and feeling just a little bit violated.

Then Andrew comes down beside me and tips my chin up to look at him.

He grins a slow, very satisfied grin. “You have so much of my cum on you, any man who gets within ten feet of you will be able to smell it.”



When I was growing up, I never stepped out of line. I never brought attention to myself unless I had done something worthy of it.

In my father’s eyes, barely anything was worthy of giving me attention unless it was the back of his hand.

The day I graduated high school was the last day I lived in his house. I was supposed to be a man at that point, and it was deemed I could take care of myself.

Thankfully, I shipped out that week to the military.

There I followed the same rules. I didn’t step out of line. I only drew attention to myself through the merit of my actions.

When I joined the Teams, I found a home for the first time. Did I love the Teams? Undoubtedly, but I knew time was fleeting. The lifespan of a Navy Seal isn’t in the tens of years, and having my hip torn up by a piece of shrapnel proved that to me.