“Alpha One, room clear. Returning to front.”

More clears are called as I make my way around. The man at the front of the house has the front door blown wide open and he waits for me to enter first.

Sweeping to the right, I enter the house with one man at my back. We enter the living room where a body is lying prone with blood pooled around the throat. The missing head is my only indication that James has been at work with that sniper rifle of his.

“Living room clear.”

“Kitchen clear.”

We quickly sweep the rest of the home before taking the stairs.

I’m in lead as I shout up loudly to anyone up there, “We’re coming up! Drop all your weapons and you will not be killed!”

There’s some scuffling so I murmur to James, “Got a shot on anyone?”

“Switching to thermal,” he quietly responds.

Waiting on James, I hear loud shouting and stomping around on the second floor of the house. From the sounds of it they’re pissed and want to keep fighting. I wanted to take prisoners if possible, but there’s never a good way to tell if someone’s too stupid to give up.

“Three warm bodies,” James comes back through my earpiece.

“Take ‘em out if possible.”

“Got it.”

I hear a shattering of glass and a loud thump as a body falls to the floor. Five seconds later there’s another thump.

Not long after I see a man charging down the stairs with his hands up in the air. He carries no weapon and screams, “Good guy! Good Guy!”

I take a step and stick a foot out to trip him down the rest of the stairs.

“All clear,” James comes through the earpiece.

The rest of the men are quick to report the all clear sign.

Just like that, the violence is over and we now have a live body to attend to.

Fuck, this just means paperwork.

We’re packed up and ready to go. We’ve cleared the house of any intel we could find by taking every phone and laptop.

My phone buzzes in my pocket. Lifting it, I press connect. “Job finished, one coming back for questioning.”

“Good. Johnathan was able to secure a live one as well. Harrold or his men will be out to clean location soon. Have a couple men stay behind while you bring in the guy,” Simon says.

“Got it.”

Pointing to James and Marcus, I say, “You two keep watch till Harrold or his men show up.”

They nod their heads at me and I head back to the large black Excursion. Climbing in on the driver’s side, I shut the door.

Fuck me. I’m wet, cold, and tired as fuck. I still got more work to do though, and I feel like I’m back with the Seals right now.

The only thing that makes it all better is the thought of Amy at home waiting for me to crawl back in bed with her. That and the thought of warming back up by filling her with my cock.

The asshole taped and gagged in the back seat makes a groaning sound. Fuck, night’s not over yet.

Driving to the warehouse from here isn’t a quick trip. It’s pretty much on the opposite side of the city. By the time I reach the building, I’m still wet but hot from the heaters blowing.

I’m only torturing myself though because outside the car the morning is still wet and cold.


Stepping out of the car, the cold rain dumps down on my back as I drag the piece of shit from the back. He squirms and tries to fight me but a good punch to the gut knocks some of the fight out of him.

Picking him back up from the puddles in the broken-up parking lot, I slap his face roughly. “Keep it together, asshole.”

Thankfully, he doesn’t put up much more of a fight until he sees Lucifer standing in the back room of the building.

There’s an empty chair bolted to the floor waiting for my bag of shit.

Dumping him on the chair, I chain his ankles to the steel legs and his arms behind his back.

The man is blubbering now. He’s so wet I can’t tell if he’s pissed himself but it sure as fuck smells like it.

Standing up from my work, I unstrap my tactical vest. Hanging it on an old sheet-metal cutting machine, I turn to Simon and Lucifer.

“Good job this morning, Andrew,” Lucifer says.

He approaches me as I remove my holster.

“Thanks. Pretty easy in and out job.” Pointing to the man screaming in the chair, I say, “He’s the only one that surrendered.”

“Did you have a chance to question him?” he asks me.

I shake my head. “No, I pulled us out as soon as I got the call from Simon. I didn’t want to leave any trace of who took out these guys out.”

Extracting my black gloves from my pocket, I start pulling them on.

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