“Anywhere away from here,” I automatically answer.

She nods her head. “Okay. But where? You need a specific destination.”

I think for a moment. I could go to my aunt… but Andrew already mentioned that’s the first place he would look for me.

I shake my head helplessly. “I don’t know. Anywhere…”

“Do you have any relatives?” Lily asks, her sympathy growing by the second. “Anyone who will hide you?”

“I don’t have any other relatives. My grandparents passed before I was born, and my parents passed in a car accident when I was eighteen months old,” I explain. “I’d have to start somewhere new. Somewhere completely by myself.”

My aunt raised me but she only did it out of necessity. I don’t think she resented me but she wasn’t anything like a mother to me.

I’ve never had a real family.

And now that I think about it, neither will my children. Abigail’s father completely abandoned her when she was a baby. To him she was just a teenage mistake.

And this baby…

Their father will probably never stop hunting me. We’ll always be running.

Because he wants them… Because he wants me.

Oh god.

He wants us. For the first time I’m actually wanted.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Lily asks hesitantly.

I shake my head, my composure cracking. “No.”

I’m not sure. I have no clue what I want anymore…

“Oh honey,” Lily sighs, stepping up to me and giving me a hug.

The comfort is the last big crack in my wall. The tears come and the shudders start.

I cry because of all the things I can’t change. I cry because of all the things I can.

I cry because Andrew is better at taking care of us and protecting us than I ever was.

I cry even harder because last night, before bed, Abigail called him daddy when he tucked her in.

And god help me, I think I’m in love with him, and I think I want to stay with him…



Bzzt. Bzzt, Bzzt.

“Shit, hold on, Amy,” I say as my cock just barely grazes her juicy pussy lips.

The throbbing from my thick monster is driving me nuts. Just being so near her body like this is driving me mad.

Bzzt. Bzzt. Bzzt.

Yanking my pants up from where they were pooled at my feet, I growl as I paw through my pockets. Grabbing my phone, I see that it’s Paul calling.


What now? He should be guarding the school where Abigail and Evie are at. What the fuck now? Did some teacher try hitting on him again?

Swiping to connect, I put the phone to my ear.

Looking into Amy’s eyes, I watch the heat in them flare as I edge the tip of my cock back into her folds. She’s giving me that feral grin, the one that dares me to break her.

“Paul this bett—” I start to say before being quickly cut off by his cracking voice.

There are gunshots in the background and I hear automatic rifles going off.

“They’re hitting the school again! There’s at least ten men!”

My throbbing cock instantly goes soft as the words he’s shouting in my ear register. Amy gives me questioning look.

Pulling back, I start yanking my pants up, fastening the top button up.

“Where are the girls?” I yell into the phone as I rush out of the kitchen towards the garage. Amy is hot on my heels as I all but break through the door to the garage.

In the background I hear someone screaming, “In there, in there!”

“I’ve got them in the office with me, but they are breaching! Panic button was hit before I called you!”

Shit, shit, shit!

Yanking open the car door, I throw myself inside. Amy is in the passenger seat before I even have a chance to tell her to stay. One look at her and I know it’s useless.

There’s a loud explosion and then I hear Paul shouting for the girls to stand behind him. There’s a lot of gunfire, way too much.

Static and gunfire.


Slamming into reverse, we just barely miss ripping the garage door off its track. I punch the button to close it back up as I race backward, down the driveway.

I feel my stomach drop as the phone switches from only audio in my ear to coming through the Bluetooth in the car. Every gunshot is heard in crystal clear definition.

Amy’s eyes are wide as she screams out, “What’s happening!?”

“Hold on! We’re going there now!”

The Mercedes may be an armored car but its engine still packs a huge punch when I slam down on the gas. We rocket down the street at an incredible pace. It won’t be fast enough though, gunfights like this only last five minutes tops.

It’ll take twenty to get to the school.

“Paul!” I shout in the phone repeatedly but get nothing.

Only gunfire.

Then all of a sudden there is nothing but silence.

Silence fades as footsteps and the loud screams of the girls come through the phone.

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