“I won’t be able to relax until I see her,” I murmur.

His hand stills and I glance up, hoping to see him softening towards me.

Instead, his eyes narrow to slits. Cold and hard.

Grabbing me by the back of my head, he yanks on my hair, forcing my chin up.

“Now you know how I felt,” he says angrily, and then he’s brutally kissing my mouth.

His lips smash mine against my teeth and his fingers tighten in my hair.

I reach up and try to push him away. He breaks the kiss and shoves me into the wall.

Panting heavily, he stares at me like he can’t decide what to do. His eyes wavering between pleasure and pain.

Before I can think of something to say, a means to placate him in some way, he’s grabbing me and kissing me again.

I start to taste blood before his tongue forces its way into my mouth.

“Amy,” he groans as his tongue touches mine, tasting my blood.

He starts to relax against me and I fight the urge to bite the fucker off. Instead, I force myself to relax into the kiss.

“I’ve been so worried.”

His hand covers my breast, cupping and squeezing me through my blouse.

His knees try to force their way between my knees and it’s everything I can do to keep myself from kneeing him in the balls.

“I kept waiting for Lucifer to ransom you to me…”

As if just remembering something, he stiffens against me and pulls away. “Why didn’t Lucifer ransom you to me?”

I don’t know what to tell him. If I tell him about Andrew, he’ll kill me and I’ll never see Abigail.

None of this is working out the way I thought it would work out.

“Why didn’t he ransom you to me?” he asks.

I open my mouth but nothing comes out.

“Did he touch you?” he asks angrily, his fingers squeezing around my breast.

“No!” I cry out and try to jerk away.

“Don’t lie to me. Why else wouldn’t he give you back to me?!”

I grab at his hand, my eyes watering with tears as I try to pull his hand off. He squeezes and squeezes until it hurts so much I’m sinking to my knees.

“Lucifer didn’t touch me, Ivan… Please stop hurting me!” I beg when I fail to yank him off.

His fingers tighten and I scream. “He didn’t!”

Then suddenly the pain stops.

“I believe you,” he says.

I sob and slump against the wall.

“I’m sorry, myshka. I believe you,” he says while reaching for me, his voice thick with remorse.

I shake my head and try to ward him off with my hands but he just knocks them away and drags me back up.

My breast throbs with pain and I can’t stop sobbing.

Ivan kisses me like he’s trying to apologize to me. It’s sweet and tender at first but quickly turns vicious when I don’t start to respond.

“I’m sorry,” he says angrily, kissing me hard. “You drive me fucking crazy, Amy. The thought of another man touching what’s mine…”

He kisses me harder, deeper. His tongue is like a worm in my mouth.

I shake my head and try to push him away. I can’t do this, I can’t.

I thought I could pretend to get us out of this but I hate him too fucking much.

“What more do you fucking want from me?” he asks, ripping his mouth away. “I said I was sorry, you ungrateful little bitch.”

The question may be rhetorical and said in anger but it doesn’t stop me from reminding him, “I want Abigail.”

He stills and regards me silently. It’s everything I can do to keep from shrinking beneath his gaze.

Then he suddenly reaches down and tries to yank my skirt up. “You’ll get what you want after I get what I want.”

“No!” I shriek and slap his hands away.

“You little bitch,” he snarls and backhands me across the face.

Momentarily stunned, he manages to get my skirt up.

His fingers run along the crotch of my panties and suddenly I can move again. I kick, scream and punch at him, trying to fight him off. I get in a couple of blows to his chest and face before he captures my hands.

When he yanks my arms above my head, I bring my knee up, ramming it into his balls. He drops my arms and doubles over.

I slip around him and make a dash for a door. Running like my life depends upon it, I get my hand on the door knob before I’m yanked back and thrown to the floor.

“You fucking cunt! I gave you everything and this is how you repay me?” Ivan bellows, coming down on top of me.

“You’re just like the rest of them. Taking and taking!” He reaches down and grabs the diamond necklace around my throat.

Twisting the necklace, he starts using the chain to choke me. “I’m tired of fucking giving! It’s time to take what I want!”

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