When I finally get to the door, I hear a gurgling sound coming through it.

Leaning back, I lift my leg and kick the door right next to the handle as hard as I can.

Watching the door fly inward, I get my first view of Ivan. He’s looming over Amy, his hands wrapped tightly in the chain that is choking her throat.

He’s going to kill her and my unborn child.

Throwing myself across the room, I slam into his arms with all I have in me. It’s good that I surprised the asshole because his hands come flying free of Amy as we go tumbling over a bed and into a nightstand.

There’s a loud crack of wood and we drop to the floor like a sack of fucked up potatoes.

I roar in rage as he throws me off of him.

Rolling to a crouch, I back away from him. Straightening back up to my full height, I look to Amy. She’s there, kneeling on the floor, gasping for air. Her hands are at her neck, tearing at the necklace that dug into her throat.

Looking back to Ivan, I grin when he fumbles standing up. He tries to go for the door of the room only to have me catch him, my foot sticking between his legs.

Falling to the floor, I push him to his back. He looks up at me with fear as I grin at him.

“You touched my wife, Ivan… You tried to hurt my wife and unborn child,” I say quietly.

“How dare you touch her!” he yells up at me, but from my position he looks like a little bitch.

He tries to stand but I kick out his legs again.

Plopping down on his back, he isn’t too far from Amy. His voice is almost soft as he looks to her. “How could you let him?”

She doesn’t talk to him. Her eyes are weeping as she continues to cough, trying to catch her breath.

The breath he could have stolen from her forever.

“How’d you find Abigail, asshole?” I ask as I land a kick to his ribs.

Coughing out loud, he says, “Fuck you!”

“Not the answer I’m looking for, asshole.”

A second kick to his ribs has him wheezing. “We saw her when… you put her in there… you think we quit watching his kids?”

“So this was another sanctioned hit then?”

He actually starts laughing. The crazy fuck is laughing at me. “No, asshole. This was my thing.”

“So why the fuck are you laughing, dickless?”

He’s quiet as he stares deep into my eyes. Then he says, “I’ll wait until your boss comes to question me again.”

“Not going to happen, Ivan. You’ll be dead long before they get here.”

“Bullshit! I’m too valuable, you fucking peasant!”

“Why the laughter then?”

“Because something’s happening and they won’t even tell me, their biggest backer, about it! You fools. I’ll be your only chance of living… Give me the bitch and I will find out all that I can.”

Dropping down on top of him, my first punch lands in the middle of his nose. The loud crunch breaks through Amy’s sobs and his loud scream.

Straddling his chest, I swing down with a second punch. This one lands on the side of his flapping mouth.

There’s another loud crack and I feel his jaw breaking.

“She’s mine,” I shout into his face.

From there, my fists are the only thing I think of, the only things connecting me to this world.

One after the other they punch his face.

Somewhere after the fifth or six punch, I feel my knuckle break. It snaps almost as loud as his nose did.

Screaming out in anger, I hit him with the opposite hand before leaning back.

He’s not moving or making any noise now.

I guess he passed out.

Pushing the thumb of my good hand into his eye socket, I hear his eyeball pop right before he wakes up, screaming through a mangled face. He’s a blubbering mess now.

I highly doubt he even knows why he’s hurting.

Looking to my left, I see Amy staring at me. She isn’t sobbing anymore, only watching me with wide, unjudging eyes.

My throat must be pretty raw because as I speak I realize I have been roaring at the pile of shit the whole time.

“Are you okay, baby?” I ask softly.

Her head bobs up and down briefly before she says, “Yes.”

“You want to get in on this before he dies?”

A quick shake of her head is the only answer I get.

“He’s going to die now. I can’t allow anyone to ever come between us.”

“I… I know,” she says as she nods to me.

Staring into her eyes, I feel my hands wrapping tightly around Ivan’s throat.

Squeezing, my broken knuckle aches with misery.

It’s okay though, I only have to kill him now. I can live through this pain.

Amy doesn’t look away from me as I kill Ivan. She watches as I strangle the very life from him, staring into my eyes.

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