Fear wars with the desire coiling in my belly. I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know how to do this.

Everything is happening so fast.

I start to fight him. My hands push at his chest, my head tries to twist and turn away. I just need a minute, but his grip tightens.

“Beth,” he growls in frustration, the vibrations tickling my lips. “Open for me.”

“Why?” I ask, the word going around and around in my head.

Why did he buy me? Why did he bring me here, to his house? Why is he doing this?

“Because we still got something to work out,” he groans, and then resumes his assault on my lips.

His mouth slants over mine, over and over again. He’s not going to give up. No, if anything, my resistance only seems to make him that more demanding. That more persistent.

He pushes and pulls, and with each suck, with each growl, I feel like something inside me is about to snap.

Just when I feel like I can stand no more, just when I’m about to give in, his teeth sink into my bottom lip.

I gasp in pain and my lips part just enough for his tongue to find entrance.

He invades my mouth. His taste overtakes me, and his groan of pleasure slides down my throat.

His tongue touches mine and I feel this horrible, wonderful zing behind my ribs. With each stroke, with each glide, I start to weaken.

“Beth,” he groans into my mouth and presses closer.

His chest crushes against my breasts, and his knee moves only to be replaced by something just as hard. Something that begins to grind rhythmically against my sex.

I find myself picking up the rhythm, picking up his desperation. Our hips roll in tandem as I chase the pleasure building in my core.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” he rasps against my lips.

This is nothing like the first time we kissed in his bar. There, we were just two strangers caving into our drunken lust.

Here, I feel like there’s more to it. There’s too much need, too much desperation on his part for this to be just a simple moment of lust.

And I don’t want it to stop. No, something inside me needs this. Needs him.

I want to let go. I want to get lost in him.

I melt into his body as his hands grip me, squeezing me, trapping me in his tight hold. He continues to push into me, continues to kiss me like he’s trying to pour his very soul into me.

He feels so good, so warm. So fucking big and strong.

I rock my hips forward, my clit pulsing and aching, while moaning into his mouth.

Suddenly he breaks the kiss, pulling away, and I cry out at the loss of him. I pant, staring at him in confusion.

Why the fuck did he just stop?

Leaning back, his eyes gleam triumphantly in the dim light, and then he sweeps me up into his arms.

“I’ve gone through a lot of trouble to have you,” he growls huskily into my ear before carrying me down the hall.



Johnathan carries me through the open doorway at the end of the hall and uses his foot to shut the door.

My breathing quickens and my heart flutters with panic. I twist and try to escape his arms as he carries me over to the bed and lowers me down.

“Wait,” I gasp as he grabs the bottom of my paper-thin gown. I wanted this, I did, but now that it’s about to happen I’m scared shitless. Maybe if he knows the truth it will change his mind. “I’ve never been with a man before.”

The corners of his lips curl up as he grins, “I know.”

The pleasure from earlier is nearly forgotten, nearly overwhelmed by my fear.

He’s really going to do this… He’s really going to be my first.

My gown is yanked up, over my head, and I’m left with nothing covering my body. Nothing shielding me from his hungry eyes.

Nothing shielding me from him.

He stares at me long and hard, his eyes drinking me in. Frantically glancing side to side, I grab a pillow and use it to cover myself.

He rips it out of my hands.

“Johnathan, please,” I plead. “I’m scared.”

The pillow goes flying and he grabs me by the ankles, dragging me closer to him.

“Don’t worry,” he rumbles almost soothingly as his knee drops to the bed. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

That’s easy for you to say, I think. He’s done this before. I bet he’s had hundreds of women… and probably in this bed.

I stare up at him, my breasts rising and falling with my panting.

His head dips down and his mouth comes down on my breast. As he pulls back a gentle suckle, all other thoughts go flying out of my head.

God, that feels so good.

His tongue swirls around and around, and the coarse hair of his beard tickles my skin. My nipple tightens in his mouth, becoming as small and hard as a diamond.

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