I’m so swollen, so tender, I can feel my pulse throbbing in my clit.

Then I feel fuller, stretching wider. It’s another finger, I realize.

His fingers are inside me.

Before I can adjust to the new fullness, his fingers curl inside me and I’m crying out, twitching and jerking as he rubs against a spot that’s extremely sensitive.

It’s more than I can take at the moment.

“Relax,” he growls as I tighten around him.

But I can’t. The sensation too much, too strong.

“Johnathan, please, it’s too much,” I gasp. I don’t want him to stop, but what he’s doing is too overwhelming.

“You’re still too fucking tight,” he grits out like his teeth are clenched, but his fingers uncurl. “I’ll split you in half.”

I know I should be afraid but somehow I’m not. Just the thought of having him inside me, stretching me, breaking me, has me clenching my thighs around his head in anticipation.

The fear is gone, replaced by something more primal, something more basic.

The need to get off.

In and out he pumps his slick digits, and the pressure inside me expands and expands.

My hips rock up and I find myself grinding myself shamelessly into his face as his mouth comes back down on my clit.

He sucks and sucks, pulling me hard into his mouth. Then his teeth bite down giving me a light pinch.

The explosion begins in my center and ripples out. I cry out, squeezing around his fingers as my limbs twitch and jerk.

Johnathan grunts and makes these throaty noises of approval as he licks me up like he just can’t get enough.

Waves of pleasure roll through me, sweeping over me, until I feel weak and rung out. I don’t know how long it goes on for but the entire time he’s growling and devouring me with his mouth.

As the last little spasm fades away, I release my death grip on his hair and collapse against the bed, almost ready to pass out.

Johnathan gives my clit one last playful lick, and I’m so sensitive, I can’t help but squeak before his head pops up.

He hovers above me, staring down at me with a glistening beard and eyes full of hunger and want.

What I just experienced, what I felt, I’ve never felt anything like it before. It was amazing, but at the same time it’s absolutely terrifying. This man, this stranger, has the ability to strip away all my resistance and make me like it with just his touch.

Staring into his eyes, a little pang of fear spikes in my chest, but then he slowly withdraws his fingers, deliberately drawing the sensation out.

I squirm and writhe against the bed, unsure if I want his fingers to leave me or if I want them slamming back into my core.

“Fuck, I’ve got to be in you now,” he groans.

Reaching down, he quickly unbuttons his shirt. A chest is revealed, a hard chest, covered in tattoos and hair.

For too many moments, I’m frozen, my brain still hazy from the orgasm as I watch him undress. There’s a rushed frenzy to the process. A couple of buttons go flying. Stitches pop from their seams.

It’s not until he shoves his pants down and his cock springs upwards that I burst into action. I start to scramble away, heading for the headboard.

He comes down on top of me.

“Get back here, you,” he says, dragging me back down and fitting me beneath him.

His skin meets my skin and I shiver from his warmth.

I just let him violate me in the most intimate of ways, and enjoyed the hell out of it, but now that he’s about to penetrate me, I’m scared as hell.

His leg presses against my leg and I can’t help but marvel at the hair tickling my inner thigh.

He’s so big, so hairy and intimidating, as he looms above me, he’s downright beastly.

I look down between us, at his cock pressing into my stomach.

He’s hard everywhere I’m soft.

“Johnathan—” I say, my voice breathy and full of uncertainty.

His mouth smothers my mouth, cutting my words off. He kisses me hard and deep, as if his mouth is trying to eat my mouth.

His weight begins to sink me down into the mattress and an unfamiliar need begins to awaken inside me.

Fuck, there’s just something about having this gruff man on top of me that is making me hot.

God, I’m so fucked.

A big hand covers my breast, squeezing gently at first, until I start to arch into his touch. His calloused palm flattens my nipple and then his fingers are roughly kneading me until I’m moaning into his mouth.

Gently, he rocks his hips, stroking my belly with his velvety cock.

He eases me into the rhythm, his tongue tangling with my tongue.

Just when I start to rock my hips, my clit reawakening with a needy throb, he tears his mouth away from my mouth.

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