“That’s… so dirty sounding,” she whispers to me.

“There’s nothing dirty about this,” I say as I pull out slowly then push back deep into her.

“Oh god!” she whimpers as I keep up my slow, forceful pace.

“Nothing dirty about claiming what’s mine,” I grunt as I push in again.

Her eyes have that hooded with lust look as she tries to stammer out, “I’m not… yours… you can’t… just take someone.”

“I already have, Beth,” I say as I pull far enough out that just the crown of my cock is nestled inside of her.

Then I slam in deep and fast.

I can feel the wall of her womb slam against my cock as she gasps.

“You. Are. Mine. Don’t. Fucking. Doubt. It.” Each word is punctuated with a stab of my cock.

I don’t do it as hard as the first push, I don’t need to bruise her, but she needs to know she’s fucking mine.

Her breath comes in small gasps as I lay myself down on top of her. Her full breasts mashed down between my chest and hers. I wish I had the forethought to remove that fucking shirt of hers so my mouth could latch on her pale pink nipples, but it’s too little too late.

Each slam of my cock into her fills my heavy balls, and just the thought of there being more than one way to claim her as mine makes me ache with the need of release.

My right hand reaches up and pulls her neck to the side and I lean down to latch my mouth on her neck.

Biting down gently, I suckle on it.

This must be one hell of a sensitive spot because her legs wrap around my waist so tightly I can barely thrust inside of her.

“I’m…. I’m… oh god!” she wails as I push myself deep inside of her, my own eruption shooting off.

I can feel every pulse of my cock as I shoot my load deep into her womb.

“Christ!” I call out as I collapse on top of her.

Her legs shake as they slowly release their vise-like grip on my waist.

I’m probably some fucked up kind of individual, I think. Just about an hour earlier, I was telling the kid how he’s free, and that I would never treat him like those bastards, and yet… I just told Beth, no matter what, she’s mine.

No choices in the matter.

And I probably just put a baby inside of her to make sure of it.

“Yes, Johnathan. How can I help you?” Lucifer’s precise voice comes through my phone.

I’m standing here, completely naked, looking at Beth’s curled up form on the bed. She’s in that post, just got fucked the hell out of, bliss.

Her naked ass is on display for all of its glorious worth.

“I need to speak with Lilith, sir,” I say, and it’s the very first time in my life I have ever asked to speak to the boss’s wife for anything.

I’m quite sure the questioning tone in his voice is probably the first time he has had to call my sanity into question. “You do? What about?”

“Sir, I have a problem… I need clothing for Charlie and Beth.”

“Ah,” he says with a tone of amusement. “Let me see what we can do.”

I can hear him moving around and then he asks, “So tell me, Johnathan, how is domestic bliss treating you? A woman and child in your home. Will the world tilt on its side now? Surely, it must.”

If it was anyone but Lucifer himself saying shit like that to me, I would probably try to shove their head up their ass. “Fine sir.”

“Ah, here’s my beloved now. Let me put her on speakerphone so we can both help you as best as we can.”

Motherfucker! Asshole is just loving this shit. Rub the fucking dirty biker’s nose right in the fucking family life shit.

“Hello, Johnathan, it’s wonderful to speak with you,” Lilith’s pleasant voice comes through the line.

“Ma’am,” I say, trying to gather my thoughts. “I seem to be in a… predicament…”

“You do?” she asks with confusion, and I can hear the chuckling of Lucifer in the background.

“Yes… I need some clothes, but I don’t know how to get them, or where to get them, without leaving the house.”

Sitting down beside a confused looking Beth, I purposely look at her naked breasts. She tries to cover them, but with my free hand I pull her arm away.

Shaking my head no, I gently begin to rub on her right one.

Rolling her eyes at me, she pushes my hand away, and scoots away from me, sitting up.

“Well, what kind do you need?”

“Female stuff. Pants and shirts. Little boy stuff too.”

“Um… What?”


Thankfully Lucifer puts me out of my misery. “He seems to have found himself like my men are seemingly wont to do these days, with a readymade family.”

Lilith’s musical laugh comes out in a burst, and it makes me smile. She may well be married to the devil himself, but she’s like a little tinkerbell. “I see! I’ll have some things sent to you today. What size is your wife and son?”

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