Ah, fuck!

Looking at Beth, I ask quietly, “What size are you?”

With her eyes widening, she hisses, “I feel like your little dirty secret sex doll!”

“The boy’s five or six and very thin. Normal sized, I would say. Could you have them send some toys too?”

“Of course! Any certain kind?”

“Nah, just something he can do with his hands. Lots of stuff. I’ll make sure all of the costs are covered.”

“Okay, and your wife?”

“My wife…” I say and I swear Beth’s eyebrows reach into her hair.

“I’m not your wi—”

I put my hand over her mouth.

“She’s a size four to six. Medium shirts and coats.”

“What about her undergarment sizes?”


“They’re big?”

“What’s big?” Beth hisses at me again.

“Your boobs,” I mutter back.

“32D, you giant—”

Putting my hand back over her mouth, she works her teeth up against my skin and bites down on my palm.

“Stop biting me!” I yelp out, and I swear on the other side of the phone I hear peals of laughter.

Fuck that hurt.

Releasing my hand, she moves completely away from me, covering her body as she goes. Her self-satisfied smile gives my cock a huge stirring.

Fuck, I love it when she fights.

Pulling my shirt over her head, she says, “My shoes are a size seven, and Charlie will need some too.”

“Shoes and socks too, ma’am. Thank you, I really appreciate this.”

“It’s no problem,” Lilith laughs quietly. “I’ll send a variety of stuff for your child and wife.”

The last thing I hear before I hang up the phone is Lucifer’s loud booming laugh.



Charlie grips my hand tightly, and I know my own anxiety is only making him more nervous but I just can’t help it. As Johnathan maneuvers the car through the hundreds of street lights that make up downtown, my heart races.

This is it, this is my chance to escape.

All I have to do when I step out of this car is scream my head off and make a huge scene. I’m sure most people will think I’m just some crazy lady at first, but surely someone will have to investigate… And when they do, when they find out who I am and who my father is, Johnathan won’t be able to keep me.

But what about Charlie?

I glance over at him and squeeze his hand back. He gives me a little smile and something inside me wants to crack.

When I eavesdropped on the story Johnathan was telling him, I overheard Charlie tell Johnathan his parents are dead. Does he have family out there? People who will love him and take care of him?

Or would he simply become another kid lost in the system?

Indecision and what-ifs plague me for the rest of the drive. I suppose I could try to plead with my father to let me keep Charlie, and he might even go for it if I spin it in a way that would politically make him look good… but I highly doubt it. My father has made it very clear he has plans for me. Plans that involve selling me off to the ally that will give his career the biggest boost.

Fuck. I just can’t win here. Everywhere I turn, someone wants to own me or sell me like I’m not a person. I’ve somehow become a thing.

A body without a mind or heart.

I let out a little breath and sag against the backseat.

If I manage to get away, I’m really only trading one prison for another.

I’m screwed no matter what I do.

Johnathan turns the car down a tight alley and then pulls into a private parking garage. We follow the winding, spiraling driveway up and up.

When we finally pull into a parking spot, my heart sinks even further. There are two men already waiting for us. Two imposing looking men dressed in dark suits.

I guess they’re taking no chances here. I don’t know what I was expecting… for Johnathan to let us out of the car in the heart of downtown in broad daylight where anybody could see me and recognize me? Yeah, right.

“I’ll get your door,” Johnathan rumbles, and our eyes meet for a split second in the rearview mirror before he steps out of the car.

The two men step up to him and they exchange quiet words. Nervously, I smooth down the hem of my dress as I watch them.

Though it does feel good to have proper clothing again, I can’t help but wonder where it came from. An entire wardrobe of designer clothing in my size was sent to Johnathan’s house this morning, along with toys and clothing for Charlie.

Obviously, there are forces at play here, bigger forces that I’m about to meet.

Johnathan cracks a smile at the two men and then the three of them come around the car to my side.

Johnathan opens my door and then reaches in, offering me a helping hand. As soon as I place my hand in his, his big fingers close around mine and pull me out.

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