And then he grins.

Rolling my eyes, I shake my head. “Yeah, I think I’ll have to take a pass on that.”

His grin takes a devious turn and he gives me a light smack on the ass. I squeak in surprise and end up jerking closer to him. “You sure, baby? I think you’d like it.”

By the hard bulge in his pants, I can definitely tell he likes it. A warm flush spreads through me and I lock my knees together.

“How can anyone like that? Being hit like a child?” I ask even as the little slap he gave me makes me very aware of my ass.

Something flashes in his eyes and he groans. “Fucking hell. Sometimes I forget you’re so damn innocent.”

I’m feeling playful and rather exuberant after tonight’s accomplishments so I lower my lashes coyly and say, “Innocent? Who, me?”

“Yes, you,” he growls and his mouth comes crashing down on mine.

There’s pain at first. My lip is still busted from my father backhanding me, but the ache only seems to add another dynamic to the kiss.

I need this. I need him.

Trapped in my room, I was afraid I had lost him forever, and I regretted every second I held myself back from him.

I regretted all the time I wasted fighting this crazy thing between us.

I’m tired of living in fear. I’m tired of just existing and waiting for a slim chance of freedom.

Life is short, too damn short. Tomorrow I could be dead.

I’m ready to experience everything life has to offer, and I want to experience every crazy moment with Charlie and Johnathan.

I press closer to him and lift up on my tiptoes, molding my breasts to his chest, my hips to his hips. The jacket he draped over me starts to slide off my shoulders as his hands roam over me.

I’ll never get enough of this.

The total chaos of his every kiss. Each time is different but no less passionate than the kiss before it.

His mouth devours mine. His teeth nipping at me like he wants to eat me. His tongue diving deep.

And I offer myself up eagerly.

Somehow I’ve become a willing sacrifice on the altar of Johnathan.

A low rumble begins in the base of his throat, like thunder off in the distance. It grows louder and louder until he’s tearing his mouth away from mine.

Breathing harshly, he rasps, “You’re going to be the fucking death of me.”

He yanks the jacket back up before it meets the gravel, and then grabs me by the back of the head. His fingers lace into my hair as he presses his forehead against mine. I pant and stare into his eyes as I catch my breath.

“Why did you stop?” I finally ask once I have enough oxygen. “You worn out, old man?”

His eyes spark with mischief and then I’m rewarded with another slap to my ass.

I yelp and he laughs. “As much as I want to finish this, we’re expected inside.”

Now I’m curious. I got completely swept up in the moment and forgot he has a ‘surprise’ waiting for me.

“What did you get me?” I ask as he draws my arm into his and leads me up the parking lot.

I can’t decipher the look on his face when he grins this time. His eyes go cold but he looks like a kid about to dive into a mountain of chocolate.


As we step into the warehouse, every little hair on the back of my neck stands on end. Outside, the night is growing darker and colder, but in here the air is thick and full of something I can’t place.



Johnathan’s grip on me tightens as he leads me across the dusty floor, weaving me through old industrial-sized machines that probably haven’t been used in ages.

We finally reach the back of the warehouse and push through a door that leads to what must have once been an office.

Lucifer is the first person I see. He straightens as we step inside and turns towards us in greeting.

His lips stretch into a smile. “Ah, so glad you could join us, Johnathan.” His eyes flick towards me and his smile seems to warm a little. “Beth.”

I nod my head and offer a polite smile in return. I can’t quite thank him for having us here because I’m confused as fuck and don’t know what is about to happen.

Johnathan just grunts and his eyes scan the room. He’s searching for someone or something.

“He still alive?” Johnathan asks as his searching gaze narrows in on Lucifer.

“Of course,” Lucifer says, his bright eyes flashing with humor. “I wouldn’t dare dream of depriving your wife of her wedding gift.”

My wedding gift? What the fuck? Why would I want some mystery person?

A pain-filled grunt comes from behind Lucifer.

Lucifer grins and steps to the side, revealing the rest of the room. “We’ve only… tenderized him a bit for you.”