The look Simon shoots Lucifer is pure murder.

Lucifer chuckles and motions him over. Simon walks stiffly towards him, cursing under his breath.

When he finally reaches the fence, after avoiding every little dip and groove in the ground, he stands so tall, so stiff, I just blurt out, “That guy seriously needs to get laid.”

Johnathan gives me a surprised look and then bursts out laughing. “He so fucking does.”

Lucifer and Simon glance at Johnathan, probably wondering what the hell is so funny.

Lucifer smirks but Simon is glaring daggers.

“Something funny, Johnathan?” Simon asks, obviously not amused.

“Yeah,” Johnathan says and then bursts into another fit of laughter. “Fuck it, James is off the hook.”

“What the fuck does that mean?” Simon snarls.

“It means you’re next, motherfucker!” Johnathan continues to laugh. I don’t think he can stop himself at this point. “You’re about to get wifed up, Simon!”





“I want one,” Johnathan breathes into my ear, leaning over the back of the couch I’m sitting on with Amy.

His hot breath sends a delicious shiver up my spine as I stare down at the baby in my arms.

Noah, Amy and Andrew’s infant son, is wrapped up in a fluffy blue blanket, his eyes full of wonder as he peers up at me. He has his father’s dark hair and his mother’s warm eyes.

“He’s so beautiful,” I gush to Amy. “And so small.”

Noah’s little fingers are wrapped around my index finger and he keeps trying to pull it into his mouth to suckle on.

For such a small guy, he’s surprisingly strong.

“He is,” Amy agrees with proud pleasure.

“Can I keep him?” I ask, half teasing and half serious.

Seriously, I’ve never held a baby before and there’s just something extremely satisfying about cradling his warm weight in my arms.

Amy tips her head back and laughs. “Maybe you can babysit him when he’s a little older.”

“I’d like that.” I smile, and then look back down at Noah. “You hear that, big guy? You and I are going to have lots of fun.”

Noah smiles up at me and my heart melts.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been feeling extremely sensitive lately. My emotions are heightened and sometimes out of control. It could be because of all the crazy events that have happened over the past couple of months, but I just seem to feel everything a little more now.

There was a memorial a couple of weeks ago for Lindsey that was hard as fuck to get through, but with Johnathan by my side, I survived it.

Honestly, I don’t know how I made it through life up to this point without him by my side. He’s become my rock. Always there to offer his support and catch me when I fall.

And I love him so damn much for it. So much, sometimes I think I might burst from the force of it.

Ever since the night at the farm, things seem to have settled down a bit. Johnathan and I were officially married in a small, secret ceremony hidden from the press, and I no longer have to worry about my father coming after me if he decides to ignore Johnathan’s warning and gets a wild hair up his ass.

We also legally adopted Charlie. I have no clue how Johnathan managed to pull it off so quick, but he’s officially ours now. And every day, we’ve been growing closer and closer as a family.

I lean my head back and peek up at Johnathan. His eyes are molten and his expression is scorching.

He’s made no secret that right now his mission in life is to knock me up. In fact, it’s all he tries to do. I think if he could get away with it in Lucifer’s house, he’d try to get me to sneak off with him right now and have a go at it.

No doubt the sight of me holding a baby in my arms is making him hot.

“Mommy!” Abigail calls out, skipping over to us. “Look what Charlie made for me!” she exclaims holding out a little blue flower made out of Legos.

Amy smiles warmly at her daughter and it’s a little surreal. With her brown hair, and fine, delicate features, Abigail looks like a tiny replica of her mother.

“That’s lovely,” Amy tells her. “Did you thank him for it?”

Abigail’s big brown eyes widen and she turns, calling out, “Thank you for the flower, Charlie!”

Charlie’s cheeks pinken as he shuffles over to join us. He looks at her and then down at his feet. “You’re welcome, Abigail.”

Johnathan’s warm breath hits my ear again. “I think our boy might have developed a crush.”

I think he’s right, especially because of the way Charlie keeps sneaking little peeks at Abigail but looks down at the floor every time he’s noticed.

“Come on, Charlie, let’s go play some more,” Abigail smiles and skips up to him. She grabs his hand and starts to tug him back towards the gorgeous silver and white Christmas tree when Lucifer and his family finally appear.