“Where and when? You know this isn’t my type of bag anymore,” he grunts.

“I know, I know. No wet work needs to happen. Just a friendly hello.”

Erik is one of my more interesting contacts. A former government special forces operative, we met two years back when I needed a trusted contact in New York City. He was able to secure a very important package from a diplomatic attaché from France.

When I first saw him, I was surprised at his seemingly young looks given his actual age. Even now he would not be out of place on a college campus somewhere.

That he’s especially adept at seducing women into doing stupid things with state secrets is quite useful to me.

“Where and when?” he asks me again.

“Yale, and as soon as you can get there.”

“Got it. What’s the time frame of personal contact? How much contact do you want? You know I don’t do the rough shit to women.”

“No need, just have her contact her father for you. Try to be around when it happens. Be introduced.”

“Got it. Look, I’ve got a job coming up in a couple weeks over in Ohio. I’ll be needing some intel and maybe a safe house.”

“Send me what details you’re allowed. I’ll consider us even.”

“Sounds good. Send me her information. I’ll go give her the Viking charm,” he says before he disconnects.

Viking charm, he is so full of himself. But I can’t argue with the results. I can only be annoyed though that he’s right. He looks like a modern-day Viking. Tall, built, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Shaking my head out of those thoughts, I go back into the computer room. I’m almost finished dressing. Only my tie needs to be done now. Sitting down in my computer chair, I upload the file to an anonymous email account and send it off to Erik. I don’t worry about his part of the job, he’s a professional.

Now on to the Priest.

“Father Coss.” his gruff voice comes through the speak phone, and I can tell I’ve awakened him.

“I thought you of all people would be up early enough to enjoy your Lord’s blessings of birds,” I say with a laugh.

“Simon Whitmore. I can damn you to hell… but I figure you’ve already came from there.”

“True enough, Father. What is it I can do for you?”

“I have not seen you since three Christmases ago. I believe it’s time to come confess your sins. You can’t be too careful. Never know when the good Lord will take you into his loving arms.”

Fuck. Whatever the hell is going on must be a bigger issue than he’s willing to talk about on the phone, especially since he called Lucifer.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to send Andrew out? I seem to remember he’s a good catholic boy.”

“Simon, come to the fucking church tonight,” he says and then he hangs up on me.

Well, isn’t that just special of him. Whatever it is, the last time he had one of us come in it was big. Big enough that we’re still paying off the investigators for the armed Russians that invaded a school in our city. All to get to one of our men’s daughter.

Damn it all to hell.

The computer flashes a bright red warning icon on my search program as it brings up suspicious information about someone from the search it’s running. I have it running on all the people who worked for Lucky Tails.

There, on my screen, is a redheaded woman staring back at me from the latest picture we have of her.

Cherry, fucking Cherry.

Looking through the information, I see medium payments being deposited into her account over the last month. Each one doesn’t amount to a large sum, but when added together it’s as suspicious as can be.

Maybe she’s the proverbial red herring? I don’t know.

Rewatching the video feeds for the past week will take some time, but it can’t be helped. Especially since I need to watch her specifically. Damn, it could be anything with her.

Pushing a command, I begin to break into her cell phone carrier’s information banks. I need to see everything she’s done for the past year on her phone.

Pulling my cellphone out of my pocket, I scroll down to Peter’s name. I push connect and wait as it rings. It’s not too damn early, he better be up.

“What’s up, Simon?”

“Head to Cherry’s home as soon as possible. I need everything you can find in the way of electronics. Computers, safes, just about anything. In fact, grab some of the extra security guys we have and pack up the house.”

“Cherry? What’s going on?”

“She had suspicious deposits in her account for over a month and I need to find out why.”

“Got it. I’ll head over there now.”

“Good,” I say as I disconnect.

Turning back to the screen, I download all of her phone calls and text messages for the last year and a half. No telling how long something like this could have been happening.

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