The chair rolls towards the wall and I nearly tip over as he makes a mad scramble to unplug the device. Squatting down, he curses harshly as he fumbles around then yanks a cord out.

When he straightens, he jerks the keyboard away from the desk and holds it away from him.

I can’t help the giggles that bubble out of me as a stream of liquid leaks out from between the keys.

It’s petty, so petty, but still amusing.

“You,” Simon huffs as his attention returns to me. “Are going to fucking regret that.”

Yes, yes, I probably will, and now would probably be a good time to make my escape…

I jump up from the chair then spin it around until the back is facing him.

Simon tosses the keyboard to the side. It lands against the floor with a loud crack as he stalks towards me.

With a scream of anger and fear, I charge forward with the rolling chair, knocking it into him with every ounce of strength I have.

Simon stumbles backwards as I use the chair to shove him into the wall.

Once he crashes into the plaster with a thump, I let go of the chair and run for the door.

“Meredith!” I hear him roar behind me, then there’s a loud crash.

I manage to make it halfway through his bedroom and around his bed before I feel arms wrapping around my waist.

“No!” I flail. Kicking, punching, and screaming as he picks me off of my feet.

I know it’s futile, but I’m not going down without a fight, dammit.

He’s hauls me up with surprising strength and then slams me down on his bed.

“No!” I wail again once I connect with the mattress.

Clawing at the covers, I try to crawl away then his hands grab me by the hips.

I kick at him, nailing him in the chest, as he tries to drag me back down the bed.

“Goddammit,” he curses.

His hands release me and I manage to scramble away a few inches before he grabs and yanks viciously on my leg, taking my knees out from under me.

I collapse on my stomach.

Pushing up with my arms, I kick at him with my other leg. But he manages to grab it and trap it before my foot connects.

Gripping my ankles, he uses my own legs against me. With a hard yank, he forces me to flip on my back.

I blink up at the ceiling in surprise. Then I start to kick at him with everything I’ve got, hoping I somehow manage to nail him in the balls.

His grip on my ankles tightens, going from uncomfortable to crushing. I scream at the heavens and start to sit up as his knee hits the bed.

I can’t let him pin me, I can’t. I know a repeat of what happened last time will completely destroy me. And besides, I’m not even sure what he plans to do… He might just very well kill me.

His other knee hits the bed and our eyes meet. His face is flushed but set with determination. Behind his glasses, I can see something dark stirring.

My fingers curl with anticipation.

This is it. Either I prevail here or it’s all over…

Suddenly he drops my legs and lunges forward. I slap and punch at him. I get a few licks in on his cheeks. I even manage to knock his glasses off of his face.

“Enough!” he roars, shoving me down by pushing his hands into my chest.

“Fuck you!” I scream back as I continue to fight him. I claw at his arms, raking my nails down his flesh. My legs kick at his legs.

Not only do I want to escape, but I want to fucking hurt him.

“Just let me go, Simon!”

His hands move up, wrapping around my neck. Fingers flexing, they tighten and tighten until he’s squeezing the air out of me.

My head fills with pressure as my breath is suddenly cut off.

Seriously? What the fuck is up with men choking me? Am I like asking for it or something?

“No. I’m never fucking letting you go,” he declares as little dots start to flash in front of my eyes. “You’re mine.”

I try to shake my head, try to deny it. The lack of oxygen though is quickly taking its toll on me. My nose tingles and my eyes feel like they’re swelling.

My lungs burn.

Aching for breath, for life, with every second that passes.

I focus what strength I have left on trying to dislodge his hands. Tugging, yanking, and clawing at them.

Using his grip on my neck to pull my face up, Simon’s gaze bores into me.

“You’ve always been mine, Meredith.”

Staring into his eyes, I finally realize the true hopelessness of my situation.

He’s never going to let me go. Never. I can see it right there, the possession burning in the depths of his irises.

How the fuck did I miss that? Has it always been there, or is he just now finally admitting it?