Then punishing me.

The spanks angered me, but there was also this… this… relief in the pain.

Simon grins as my skin flushes. My ass squirms against the bed as I remember the pleasure he brought me when he thrust his fingers inside me.

Even now, my core clenches at the memory of it.

He tosses the belt away, but I’m too messed up and fucked up in the head to find any comfort in knowing he’s not going to hit me.

Then his hands move to his pants. As he starts to unbutton them I start to panic again.

In an attempt to stall him and keep him talking, I blurt out, “Is there anything you don’t know about me?”

Simon’s fingers pause for a heartbeat, giving me a second of false hope that I succeeded. His expression becomes thoughtful and his eyes look faraway.

Then he yanks down his zipper and pulls his cock free. Oh god, oh god. What is he going to do with that?

“Yes,” he admits as he shoves his pants down his legs. “There is one thing I don’t know… One thing I’ve always wondered about…”

I dig my heels into the bed and push up, trying desperately to get away.

He takes the time to completely shed his pants and socks before he pursues me.

Naked body coming down on top of my body, one hand grabs me by the back of my head and drags my face up to his face.

Staring into my eyes, he says, “What it feels like to be buried in your pussy.”

Then he kisses me.

I stiffen, prepared to fight off his tongue again.

Unlike his first kiss though, he doesn’t try to overtake me or subdue me. No, there’s so much lust, so much desire in his kiss, the strength of it alone is enough to make me weak.

It’s almost like he’s trying to push all of his need into me. And there’s so much need.

I flounder, drowning beneath the weight of his emotion. How do I fight off a man who’s been waiting five years to get me in his bed? Do I even want to fight it?

I’ve waited so long for someone to know me. To truly know me. To look past what’s on the outside and dig beneath surface.

But why does it have to be him? Why does it have to be Simon?

His hand comes down, cupping and molding around my breast. My back arches just enough to push it into his hand. I shouldn’t want this; I know I shouldn’t. But it feels somehow that we’ve gone too far now, and it’s too late to turn back. I know too much now to ever look at him the same way again.

He begins to squeeze my breast, working it in his palm as his lips drag down, kissing across my chin, my jaw, then to my ear. There’s something about the way he’s kissing me now… something about the way his lips drag across me that makes me feel almost cherished.

If he’d just hurt me, or abuse me, it would be so much easier to resist. But he’s grown tender all of a sudden, and I’m melting in his hands.

“Do you know how many nights I’ve laid in bed, dreaming about this moment, Meredith?” he exhales softly before his teeth capture my lobe and give me a little nip.

I jolt, my hips grinding up into him as goosebumps break out across my flesh.

His breath warms a path from my ear down to my neck. And with my hips pushed up against him, I can feel the heat of his cock now pulsing against my clit.

Once again, I find myself shivering, nearly trembling. Then my muscles tense, bracing for the inevitable pain that’s sure to come next as his breath puffs against my neck.

I feel his lips first. Soft, warm, almost caressing. Then his teeth.

My entire body jerks as he sinks them gently into me. There’s no pain though. Only this hot, current of sensation that has me rocking my hips, gliding my wet sex across his shaft.

“How many nights I’ve dreamt of these breasts…”

His other hand comes down, fingers wrapping around me as his lips kiss a soft trail down my chest.

Looking down at him, watching the top of his dark head as he kisses his way down my body, I’m completely unprepared as his eyes suddenly roll up, clashing into mine.

“One thousand, nine hundred and twenty-two nights…” he says before he gives my right nipple a long lap.

There’s no way… no fucking way…

I suck in a sharp breath and his hands squeeze around me hard. “I know because I counted them.”

“Oh god,” I groan out as his tongue drags across me again like he’s trying to burn the revelation into my skin.

My entire breast feels like it’s lighting up, his tongue setting me on fire. But my mind… my mind is reeling from the thought of him thinking about me for so many nights. Wanting this.