Laying my hand on her shoulder lightly, I say, “I’ve brought breakfast.”

Her body doesn’t exactly relax, but it doesn’t tense any further.

“Tha—” she starts but clears her throat quietly. “Thank you.”

Her skin is so warm and silky to the touch, the small push of electrical current I can feel through our bodies runs straight to my cock. Stiffening from the memory of her tight walls of bliss, I fight off the shudder that wants to run through my body.

Standing up from the bedside, I walk over to my dresser to remove a pair of black socks. “Your clothing is in the closet, hung up next to mine. I’ve begun unpacking all of the boxes, but there are still more to go through.”

“You, what?” she asks.

I can hear her sitting up on the bed. The rustling of the sheets lets me know she’s covered her wondrous breasts.

Turning to face her, I say, “We have an appointment today. I need you to eat breakfast and get dressed. Something respectable.”

Turning away from her gaping her mouth, I start to head out of the room only to stop to warn her.

“Don’t push me on this, Meredith. We need to go to church and I promise you, if you embarrass me you will not like the consequences.”

“Asshole!” she shouts at me as I walk out.

Should I be surprised or worried that she heeded my demands to dress respectfully? Either way, I find that I’m enjoying it too much to be too worried. If she misbehaves, we can always revisit the night I spanked her.

The way her bottom turned pink gives even more life to my now constant semi-erect cock.

It seems my body has decided to betray me. No matter what I do or think about, a small glance of her, or the faint hint of her scent, and I become aroused.

I feel like a damn teenage boy, raging hormones all over the place.

Wearing a modest black dress, her hair is pulled back into a severe ballerina bun. Her long, graceful neck is adorned with a simple white gold necklace. A small cross hangs down in front of her tastefully hidden cleavage.

Tastefully hidden cleavage… What the hell is wrong with us both? Her for being so damn placating right now and me for thinking those words.

Pulling into a parking space close to the front of the old massive gothic church, I place my hand on her lower thigh.

Looking over into her eyes, I soak in her shock at the contact of our skin. Even now I can barely keep myself from ripping the sheer pantyhose from her thighs so that I can feel the heat of her skin on the palm of my hand.

“Simon?” she asks in a low questioning voice.

Moving my hand from her knee, I lean forward and open up the glovebox. There, inside, is a velvet jewelry box.

Motioning for her to grab it, I say, “Please wear that. It has a locator device installed inside it in case of emergencies.”

She pulls the thick, silver bracelet from the box and looks down at it, hefting it gently in her hands. “It’s heavy.”

Nodding my head, I watch as she fastens it around her right wrist. Thankfully she puts it on that wrist like I had hoped. The left wrist could have been a disastrous.

“Let me get out first, Meredith,” I say as I climb out. “I’ll come to you.”

Taking in my surroundings, I check out the few cars parked in the lot. There aren’t many this early in the morning. Especially with the slushy mix of melting snow and the grimy blackness of road soot.

Coming around to her side of the Escalade, I take another look around. Nothing stands out as a threat and I don’t have any telltale gut instincts ringing alarms in my head.

Opening the door, I take her hand as I carefully assist her down from the seat.

She looks radiant. Like an angel gracing this world of shit, just fallen from heaven.

“I really didn’t think you were going to take me to a church, Simon,” she says as she looks up at the spires reaching into the ugly gray skies.

“Meredith, as soon as you realize I rarely, if ever, joke, you will see that when I say something I mean it.”

Rolling her eyes, she lifts her wrist. “This bracelet is really heavy, Simon. What is it made of? Pure gold?”

“No,” I say with a small smile. “That’s the small electrical capacitor that’s also installed inside it. I have an app on my phone that will immediately send the same current from a taser shot into your wrist if you should decide to run.”

“What?!” she squawks at me, her eyes widening. Looking down at the bracelet, she tries to unfasten the clasp.

“I wouldn’t do that. It’s set on a trigger to go off once it’s been sealed. If broken, you or whoever tries to take it off you, will get a nasty shock,” I say as I come back to her side.