“This is my favorite part,” he remarks as fingers slide through my folds, working up and down before settling on my clit.

Fuck, I’m so wet. And I want to rock my hips so bad.

Leaning my head back, my eyes begin to flutter closed as his fingers push down, applying pressure on my throbbing bundle of nerves.

Suddenly he nips my ear. “Eyes on the monitor, princess.”

My eyes snap open and I try to focus on watching myself get myself off. But it’s so hard when Simon is moving his fingers in tandem with my fingers. He mimics every little push, every little stroke.

This is how, I suddenly realize, he knew exactly how to touch me last night. And how to drive me so quickly to that orgasm after he spanked me. He’s truly fucking memorized every way I touch myself to reach a release.

“Fuck,” he groans as the me on the screen throws her head back and starts to moan. “You don’t know how badly I wished I could reach through the screen and touch you…”

His fingers begin to move faster and faster and he tugs almost viciously on my nipple.

“How badly I wanted to drive my cock into you.”

The need to grind down on his erection is so strong I can’t stop myself. The pressure building inside me has reached the point that it’s almost unbearable.

“Bad girl,” he growls as I rock my hips.

I experience one moment of sweet relief.

Then I cry out as his fingers suddenly leave me. Once again, I was so close… so damn close.

He pushes me off of his lap and I stumble into the desk. I slap a hand down on top of it to get my balance.

Behind me, I sense Simon standing, looming over me, then his heat is pushing against my ass.

I try to reach between my thighs and finish the job he started, but he grabs my hand and pins it to the desk with his.

“No, princess. That’s my pussy now, only I get to touch it.”

I groan and my fingers curl into a fist. The urge to defy him and do it anyway roars through my blood.

“If you touch yourself, I’m going to take your ass,” he threatens.

Fuck. I know he’ll do it too. The sick fuck.

Just the thought of him violating me there is so damn frightening, so damn exciting, I relax my fingers.

He releases his grip and I swallow back a sigh of relief.

I’m seriously not ready to go down that road yet.

Searching for a distraction from my aching clit, my eyes lock once more on the screen. Honestly, there’s just something about watching myself get myself off that brings out the narcissist in me.

While I watch myself reach my release, my face contorting in ecstasy, he grabs me by the ass and tips it up.

He shoves my skirt up and yanks my soaked panties down my thighs.

“You’ve had years to get yourself off. From now on, if you want to come, you’ll come on my cock.”

Behind me, I hear the unmistakable zip of his zipper then I feel the warm, silky crown of his cock pushing against my pussy.

Grabbing me by the hips, his fingers dig into my skin as he suddenly drives himself into me without warning.

My body rocks forward and I cry out as the thickness of his cock spreads me open. Despite how turned on I am, despite how fucking soaked I am, I was so not ready to take his girth.

Pulling on my hips, he forces my ass higher into the air as he slowly pulls out.

Suddenly, he surges forward again, the entire length of his cock stroking against my g-spot as he drives himself deep.

“Oh god,” I groan as an intense spike of pleasure cuts through me, pulsing through my core.

His next thrust slams into my ass so hard, my hands slide forward, bumping into the mouse.

“Look at that,” he growls.

He grabs me by the hair and wraps it around his fist.

Yanking on my scalp, he forces my head up. My eyes land on the screen and the picture I see steals all my breath.

Somehow the picture on the screen has switched from the video to a live feed of this room.

“Yes, I think this will be my new favorite video,” he grunts as he uses my hair to bow my spine back as his hips collide with my ass.

His thrusts come so hard now, so fast, the sound of our skin slapping together fills my ears as I watch us fucking.

Thanks to the live feed, I have a bird’s-eye view of everything he’s doing to me.

My body bent, completely at his mercy. My skirt hiked all the way up my ass. My panties around my ankles.

His cock glistening with my wetness as he pulls back and drives it into me over and over again.

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