It’s surprising to me that instead of remaining by my side or making her way directly to her brother, she chooses to walk straight up to James.

“How dare you…” Chief Martin continues to blare into my ear as I watch my woman speak with that filthy slut.

My blood is boiling, and I can feel the temperature of the room rise as I think of killing the man right here and now. The laugh they both share is almost enough to injure my heart. It’s only when I see her point to me and my feet that I feel even the slightest bit of relief.

Perhaps I should only cripple him. And remove his fucking ears. They’re too nicely fucking shaped. Then break his legs so he wobbles for the rest of his life.

Shaking my head, I say to the Chief on the phone, “Shut up. Speak to me with a respectful tone or I figure out how many fingers each of your children will still have after I disconnect the line.”

There’s a long silence in which I watch the interactions of James and Meredith. She isn’t flirting with him, and nor is he with her, but from the slight redness of his cheeks I can tell he’s speaking about something that embarrasses him.

“How dare you send a man to scare my poor daughter. I told you I would do what you wanted, you pile of shit,” Chief Martin says in a quiet tone.

I know he’s trying to sound tough, but in reality, he’s a big pussy. Crude as that sounds, he is a weak, worthless male. Not even fit to be called a man.

“What man are you speaking of?” I ask as I watch Meredith lean in close to James and say something quietly so that the others won’t hear.

It’s uncanny how much Meredith has the same powerful presence in the room as her brother. Though I doubt either of them would care for me to mention something like that to them.

Perhaps I should just get her riled up. She’s so spunky when she gets riled up.

“The one you sent to meet my daughter. Don’t fucking play games, Simon. I know he’s there as a threat to me.”

“Whatever it is you believe, Chief, you believe. Remember I simply asked you to do your job as in the description of what I fucking said. This isn’t the first fucking time I’ve asked for you to do something, and don’t forget I know all of your dirty little secrets,” I say with a smile in my voice.

“God damn you, Simon.”

“He did that a long time ago. Now don’t fucking call me until you have any new information.”

Pushing the disconnect button on my phone, I look around the room and see that Lucifer has turned his attention to me. His eyes are staring straight through me as if he’s trying to read me from the inside out.

Good luck to him. I’m not even sure I could tell him what’s going on inside of myself right now.



I can feel Simon’s eyes boring into me the entire time I talk to James. His anger and jealousy is so strong it’s practically radiating off of him in waves.

Waves I want to bask in.

Once again, thanks to me, that cool exterior he exudes is showing its cracks, and in public no less.

Who’s breaking who now, Simon?

It wasn’t my intention to make him jealous. Honest. Out of all the people in this room, James seemed like the safest bet to engage in conversation with. Not only have we spoken before, but I was curious to know if he actually followed through with what he was planning to do the other day.

Simon’s reaction is just an added bonus. A bonus I can’t help but relish. It won’t be long now until I have him completely wrapped around my little finger.

And when I do… oh, the things I will do to him…

James leans close, a twinkle in his eye as he says, “I don’t think Simon likes me talking to you. He looks like he’s about to blow a gas—”

James suddenly snaps his jaw shut and stiffens the moment I feel a looming presence at my back.

Expecting Simon, I smirk and start to turn towards him before I realize my mistake.

“Meredith,” Matthew’s smooth voice washes over me, instantly chilling me.

I freeze in place, the smirk sliding off my lips.

After all these years, I still have a hard time looking at him. While everyone else sees a beautiful, almost angelic exterior, all I see is the monster that lurks within.

It’s like a curse. Once seen, it can never be unseen.

Even now, as I peer up at his face, images slice through my mind like cut scenes in a cheap horror movie.

The blood on the basement walls. The floor. All over everything, including him.