I can see the fear inside of her eyes but I also see the arousal.

She gets off on being forced into uncomfortable situations. She needs the feeling of having no control, to know she is not in any way, shape, or form able to resist.

Taking her by the shoulders, gently I push her back until her ass comes to rest against the ledge of the island kitchen.

Moving my hands from her shoulders to her armpits, I lift her up in one swift move.

Sitting her down on the counter, I push my way between her legs.

“Simon, you just cut up a one-thousand-dollar dress,” she states simply.

Shrugging my shoulders, I say, “I’ll buy you five new ones, just tell me where you got it.”

Shaking her head, she tries to push at my chest, but I don’t budge.

My cock is scant inches away from her hot pussy. There’s no chance I’ll let her control where my body goes right now.

“That’s not the point! I got that…” she snaps at me, but her words soon falter as I lean forward.

My mouth falls to her throat.

Scraping my teeth lightly across her jugular, I let my tongue slip out as I kiss and taste the flesh there.

Pulling back from her neck, I peer into her eyes. “Shut up, Meredith.”

Nipping at her clavicle, I move around the front of her chest. Nipping gently in spots then kissing in others.

I want to rush, I want to bite hard down on her flesh, marking her like she marked me.

But I can’t do that yet.

I must control my urges if I want to continue through with my plan.

Plans are all I have left now. Plans that are easily broken.

She’s broken something deep inside of me.

I don’t know what it is yet, but I know that it’s slowly unleashing something I’ve never seen or felt before.

Further down, I rest my mouth on the top of her heavy, succulent breast.

Her pale pink nipples are covered by the cups of her lacy bra.

I want to rip it apart with my teeth. To unleash this savage desire to maul her body like a beast in heat.

She must sense this feeling I have to destroy her as much as I want to keep her.

Grasping the back of my head, she digs her fingers into my hair, pulling me hard to her breast.

My hand slides slowly up her stomach, moving up to the rim holding her breasts.

There, I pull hard on the material, and her nipple finally comes within reach of my aching tongue. I spend what feels like an eternity kissing around her tightened bud. I try not give in too fast to my desire, but even I am only so strong.

My mouth covers her nipple with relish, sucking at it hard then softly.

I can’t even begin to guess why I can’t settle into a rhythm. I’m craving too much of her body. I want to taste too many things.

Moving down past her breast, she shudders as I trail my mouth straight down.

My tongue stops to slowly circle around her small belly button. She knows where my mouth is headed. There is no chance of her being unsure.

Putting my hands in the bands of her panties, I pull both sides until I hear the fabric rip.

My tongue can practically taste her scent as I hover so close to her femininity.

Pulling her ass closer to the edge of the counter, I kneel down in front of her long legs and gently spread her thighs as I push each leg over my shoulders.

Kissing her inner thigh, her quiet gasps turn into low moans of arousal.

“Bear in mind, princess, this will be the first time I’ve done this. But…” I say as I trail small kisses closer and closer to her pussy.

“Simon!” she giggles so merrily. “Truly, you’ve never…”

Looking up into her eyes, I frown. “As if I would ever put my mouth on any part of another’s body. You alone, my princess. Always you alone.”

Not waiting for a response, I push my tongue hard against her folds as I lick straight up to where her needy clit is.

My tongue swirls around as she locks her legs around my head.

“Holy shit!” she shouts out, her hands grabbing onto the back of my head.

She tastes exactly as I imagined she would. A mixture of ambrosia with a hint of darkness to her. It’s like I’ve found the nectar of the gods, begging to be sucked and licked until I’m drunk with passion.

I continue to swirl my tongue around her clit, not giving her a moment of peace.

There will be no subtle build up right now. I want her to know for a fact I can give her all she’ll ever need in so many ways.

I slip two fingers past her folds, the wet skin already giving me enough lubrication to push them deep inside of her.

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