And the thumbs… damn, the thumbs.

But there’s just something about him, something about the way he’s tried to protect me even though I tried to kill him, that makes me feel like I don’t have to worry about him suddenly backhanding me or something.

Flashing him a feral smile that’s all teeth, I say, “Did I say cut off? I meant bite off.”

Gabriel slowly turns his head toward me then his lips stretch into a feral smile that mirrors my own. “I don’t know what kind of pussies you were with before you married me, but I like a little teeth.”

What the fuck?

I open my mouth, knowing I should give some witty, snappy retort, but I’ve got nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Gabriel chuckles and returns his eyes to the road.

Then he decides to add, “For future reference.”

Oh god, I know I shouldn’t be trying to picture in my head exactly what he means by ‘a little teeth’ but that’s exactly what I’m doing. Does he mean he likes a little teeth because he likes to be bitten in the heat of the moment? Or does he like it when a woman scrapes her teeth against him while giving him head?

Fuck, I so shouldn’t be thinking about this right now.

Heat begins to creep down my neck, down my breasts, and I wonder what the hell is wrong with me. I’ve had a terrible day. I was drugged, abused, almost forced into a marriage, almost killed, and then forced into another unwanted marriage…

Yet here I am, trapped in a car with a stranger who’s now my husband, and wondering what it would feel like to have him in my mouth.

Thankfully, the screen on the console starts to ring with an incoming call, pulling me from my perverted and totally inappropriate thoughts.

Gabriel scowls at the lit-up screen and starts jamming all the buttons surrounding it like he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

I watch him in silent amusement.

Does he not know how to use the phone?

The screen stops ringing, the call most likely going to voicemail, and he growls out, “Hello?”

“Uh… you didn’t answer it,” I point out, then smirk when he gives me a frustrated look.

The screen starts ringing again, and once again Gabriel starts to jam buttons in confusion.

And I feel like we’ve come to a crossroads.

I could spend my time trapped in this car, watching him struggle to answer the phone like some out-of-touch cave man… It would be amusing and would most definitely serve him right after forcing me to marry him.

But maybe it would be better to help him. I could kill two birds with one stone. I could earn a bit of his trust and gather some information in the process.

If I want out of this mess, I need to know what the hell I’m dealing with.

Coming to a decision, I bump his hand out of the way, and say, “Here.”

Then I press the big green accept button on the screen.

Gabriel shakes his head in dismay as my eyes laugh at him.

“What the fuck, Gabriel?” an angry voice comes through the speakers.

“Simon,” Gabriel mutters.

“Did you really marry the Callahan girl?!”

“Yeah,” Gabriel responds. “She’s Whitmore now.”

So that’s my new last name, that’s good to know. Not that I plan on keeping it long.

“Do you have any fucking clue what you’ve done? How much you’ve fucked up?” Simon growls.

I watch Gabriel’s face harden with annoyance. “Yeah, I’ve done exactly what I’ve been sprung to do…”

The man, I assume Simon, launches into an angry tirade about how much Gabriel fucked up. He goes on and on about how Gabriel ruined the whole operation. How I’m a liability. How my family will now have the motivation to retaliate against Lucifer and ‘the Family’.

Gabriel’s eyes flash with menace and his hands tighten around the steering wheel so hard I swear it starts to bend under the pressure.

I feel my own anger reaching the boiling point after listening to Simon’s long-winded rant. I’ve had enough of men talking about me like I’m disposable trash for one day, thank you very much.

Then Simon says, “You should have killed her and saved us all the trouble. Now—”

“You’re on speakerphone, asshole!” I snap at him, and press the disconnect button, cutting off his call.

Gabriel shoots me a look and I immediately realize what I’ve done. “Oh, sorry… I know that was rude, but he was starting to get on my nerves.”

Gabriel shakes his head and a smile starts to light up his face only to die an instant death when the phone starts ringing again.

“Fucker,” he mutters and begins to reach for the screen.

I bat his hand out of the way. “I got this.”

Gabriel arches a brow at me but otherwise he doesn’t stop me.

Taking his lack of stopping me as permission, I hit the accept button.

“What the fuck, Gabriel? Did you hang up on—”