I immediately stiffen against him, my mouth going slack.

Stealing one last suckle from my lips, he says, “Mine forever.”

Hand still curved around my jaw, I can’t look away. I can’t look anywhere but at his eyes as he begins to ease his cock inside me.

And he’s big… too big.

I don’t think the fucker is going to fit.

My thighs tense around his waist, my body instinctively fighting his invasion.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he rasps, his eyes momentarily filling with weakness.

And for a heartbeat I’m lost in that weakness, feeling it as if it were my own.

But as he continues to push himself inside me, my walls straining despite how wet I am, I fear he’s going to split me in half.

“Gabriel, stop. I don’t think this is going to work,” I groan as my body struggles to accept him.

It’s been so long since I’ve had sex… it’s been more than a year… and I was never with anyone this big.

That bit of weakness in his steady gaze fades away, replaced by steel and determination. “I know you can take it.”

I start to shake my head, but his grip quickly puts an end to it.

His voice is a husky mixture of encouragement and surety as he says, “You can handle me, Meghan.”

Can I? Can I handle him? I wonder desperately as he continues to push and push himself inside me.

It’s not only his size that worries me, but what he can potentially do to me if I let him inside. Will I ever be able to get him out after this? Will I be able to walk away?

Jaw clenching, his eyes flash with challenge. “Don’t tell me the woman who put a gun to my chest… the woman who stormed in here and put a knife to my heart… can’t take a little cock.”

I suck in a shaky breath.

Oh, hell no, he didn’t…

I’m not weak, and I sure as hell won’t let him unwoman me.

“It’s not little,” I grit out in my defense.

“Damn right, it’s not,” he says with a cocky grin and gives another push.

At first, I want to fight him, and even stiffen in pure reflex, but then I force myself to relax.

I take a deep breath in and out, willing my body to accept him.

I can do this. Just like he said, it’s only a little cock… It doesn’t mean more than that.

“Yes… that’s it,” he groans as he sinks in another inch.

His hot length spreading me open.

Already, with so little of him inside me, I feel so full. Too full.

Pushing and pushing, he eases in another inch.

There’s so much of him… I swear I can feel every vein, every little ridge of his cock as he stretches me until I feel like I might burst.

Groaning, he reaches down and grabs me by the hips, holding me firmly.

Voice strained, he orders, “Take it, baby. Take it all.”

I’m not sure I can. I’m not sure I have the room inside me to give him…

I start to tense up again in fear.

Growing impatient, he snaps, “Stop fighting this, you can’t stop it.”

Something inside me seems to snap and I obey his demand unconsciously.

Seizing the opportunity, Gabriel thrusts forward.

Fingers digging into his shoulders, I arch against the wall as he spears me with his thick shaft.

Head dropping, he groans out, “Fuck,” against my throat. “You feel so fucking good.”

Before I have time to come to terms with what just happened, he drags his hips back and slams back into me again.

Completely filling me up.

There’s so much of him, I don’t know where he begins and I end.

My thighs tighten around his waist, my body trying to pull him back as he pulls himself out.

“You like that, baby? You like my big cock inside you…” he growls, his head lifting up.

I open my mouth to reply, whatever I was going to say strangling into a moan as he pushes forward.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he grunts, his lips struggling to form that cocky smirk.

In and out, he works his cock inside me. His movements becoming faster, harder. More desperate.

It feels like only seconds pass before he’s slamming himself into me. The wet sounds of flesh sliding against flesh filling my ears as he grinds me into the wall.

It’s too much after everything I’ve gone through. His size. His stare. His sheer fucking intensity.

The way he looks like he’ll fucking die if he doesn’t push himself into me.

Not to mention the way he’s angled so each stroke rubs against a deeply buried bundle of nerves.

After experiencing one orgasm at the mercy of his mouth, my body is eager to experience another.

Despite knowing somewhere deep inside my brain I’m giving in too easy, my muscles begin to lock up.

“Fuck… Already?” he says in a tortured growl as the walls of my pussy ripple around his cock.

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