He kisses me again as I struggle not to completely melt in his arms. His teeth find my bottom lip, tugging and pulling at me, but the nip is rather gentle.

“I need you with me on this,” he groans.

Another kiss is pressed to my lips, so hard my head starts to tip back. I grab at him, holding on so I don’t fall over.

His mouth continues to ravish mine until I’m breathless and I’m dizzy. Until I’m struggling to remember why I’m upset with him.

Pressing me up against the truck, he fits himself between my thighs and drives his tongue into me like he’s fucking me with it. Reminding me of what his cock did to me last night.

Reminding me of his devotion and commitment to this unholy union.

When he finally tears his mouth away from mine, it’s like it takes every bit of strength in his body to do so.

“I need you to put your faith in me, Meghan. Put your faith in me and stand by my side while I do what I’ve been put on this planet to do.”

My chest rising and falling as I pant for air, my voice sounds breathy as I ask, “What were you put on this planet to do?”

No shame, no anger, no remorse crosses his face as he answers without hesitation, “Kill.”



I should be running away, screaming. I know I should be running away and screaming, yet my feet won’t move.

I stare at Gabriel as he looks at me expectantly. He probably wants me to say something. Give him some kind of reassurance or promise that I’ll stick with him.

Words fail me though.

I’ve never been more confused or conflicted.

After that kiss, my body throbs with the need to press closer to him, while my head just wants to float far, far away from this mess.

Thankfully, I’m saved by the sudden and jarring ringing of his phone.

He tries to ignore it, his gaze burning into me, his eyes demanding.

And I know if he kisses me again, I’ll give in. I’ll make promises my soul can’t keep.

I’ll doom myself to damnation.

The phone rings and rings until falling silent, only to start back up again.

I squirm under Gabriel’s stare as it grows more and more intense before I point out, “You should probably answer that.”

He lets the phone ring again until it falls silent. It’s not until it starts back up again that he makes a move to answer it. Cursing under his breath, he digs the phone out of his pocket.

“Yeah?” he snaps in irritation as he places the phone against his ear.

I can’t hear the person on the other end of the line, but whatever they say causes Gabriel’s face to tighten with anger.

“No shit,” he mutters and pushes away from me. “I’m not a fucking idiot.”

His head starts to whip around, his eyes searching as if he’s looking for someone watching us.

He grunts a few times in what I’m assuming is an answer to the other person, then he hangs up the phone. Shoving the phone back into his pocket, he reaches up and rakes his fingers through his short hair.

“Creepy fucker,” he grumbles, then his eyes land on me again.

Sharper than daggers.

Before I can ask who, he’s dropping his hand and telling me to, “Get in the truck.”

Hesitating, I ask, “What’s going on?”

“Too much heat,’ he answers and steps into me. Grabbing me by the hand, he uses it to tug me around the other side of the truck. “We need to head back to the house and lay low for a while.”

I dig in my heels as he swings the passenger door open and resist his nudge to get inside. “Are we going to get busted?”

He looks at me for a moment and then his mouth curves into a slow smirk. “Nah. Simon is just being paranoid.”

He gives me another nudge and I decide I’ve wasted enough time. I’m not entirely sure I believe him about the us getting busted part, but standing around and asking questions isn’t going to prevent it.

Once I climb into my seat, he makes sure I do up my seatbelt before shutting the door. Then he stomps around the front of the truck and slides into the driver’s seat.

The drive back to the house is quiet and tense.

Gabriel keeps shooting little glances at me and I feel his need for a commitment from me hanging like a sword over my head.

I wish I could alleviate his worry. I wish I could alleviate this ball of tension growing inside me.

But I can’t.

I’m so torn up and confused, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m stuck in this awful mental place, trapped somewhere between an existential dilemma and a crisis of conscience.

After our little heart to heart last night, I thought the worst was over. I thought we were on the same fucking page.

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