“Because the next time you run, I just might have to shove my cock up this juicy ass to feel better again.”

Gasping with a mixture of outrage and shock, I try to push up, try to crawl away from him, but he wastes no time in grabbing up my wrists again. Wastes no time shifting them into one of his hands so the other can yank down my pants.

“Don’t you dare. Don’t you fucking dare,” I cry out.

All his weight comes down on me, crushing me into the mattress.

I whimper as his mouth finds my ear. “Don’t I dare, what? Don’t I dare shove it in your ass?”

His hips grind into me, the hard length of his shaft sliding through the now bare flesh of my cheeks.

And I hate to admit it, but there’s something secretly thrilling about feeling him there, where no man has ever touched me before.

Despite my anger and fear, my core clenches and I feel myself getting wet.

“Or don’t I dare remind you that you’re mine and you don’t get to fucking run away from me?”

“Both!” I nearly wail, desperate to get out from underneath him anyway I can.

I’m already dangerously close to completely shattering. His weight alone stirring up the primal need to bend to him.

My body remembers last night, no matter how much brain wishes it could forget it.

Rocking his hips again, the crown of his cock slides down, pushing against my entrance.

“I have to, Meghan,” he growls into my ear, causing all the little hairs on my body to stand on end. “I have to… because I can’t fucking lose you.”

Hearing those words and the edge of desperation to them, the doubts that have been plaguing me suddenly feel so far away. Floating out of my reach. I want to grab them, I want to hold onto to them, but it’s becoming harder and harder to care about anything but how he feels against me.

That despite all our differences, we just seem to fucking fit.

Working that hand that pulled down my pants around my hip, his fingers push between me and the bed, exploring me. Sliding through my slick folds and spreading me wider for him.

“I can’t lose the best fucking thing to ever happen to me,” he groans, his fingers dragging up and finding my clit.

He begins to work them against me, and it’s everything I can do to keep from moaning and grinding myself into him. To keep myself from giving into this sickness he’s infecting me with.

Now that I know what he’s capable of, what kind of man he truly is, I shouldn’t be getting off on his touch.

But I am.

Even knowing that the very fingers that are giving me pleasure have caused pain and death isn’t enough to stop me from enjoying it.

If anything, it only amplifies it.

His fingers swirl around and around in my wetness, and I can no longer stop myself. My hips begin to move in rhythm with him until I’m practically humping the bed.

“I can’t lose the little slice of heaven I’ve found after ten fucking years of hell,” he breathes into my ear.

The rough tips of his fingers suddenly pinch down on my clit and my hips buck as a jolt of pure pleasure shoots up my spine.

Madness. Pure madness has taken ahold of me. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense. To enjoy him pushing me… using his strength to overpower me… is so fucking wrong on so many levels, but I can’t help it.

It’s almost like I need this. I need to be shoved past my lines drawn in the sand.

I need someone strong enough to fucking throw me over them just like this for my own benefit.

Without giving me a chance to catch my breath or recover, he thrusts his hips forward, pushing himself into me.

Though I’m wet, I’m still too tight to take him, and this position certainly isn’t helping.

“Goddammit,” he grits out, rolling his hips and swirling his fingers against my clit as he tries to squeeze his thickness inside me. “Stop fighting me, baby.”

“I’m not… fighting…” I pant out in my own tortured frustration.

I’m so far beyond fighting him, I’m nearly delirious for him.

My body is desperate to feel his cock pushing inside me, breaking down the last of my defenses.

“You are,” he insists then releases his grip on my wrists.

Grabbing me roughly around the waist, he rolls us both onto our sides.

My chest expands, and without so much of his weight on top of me, I can finally take a full breath.

“You’re still fighting me, Meghan. Still trying to keep me out…”

With everything going on between my thighs, somehow I’m still able to sense him shoving my leggings further down my legs.

“And I’ll be damned if I let anything come between us.”

As soon as the elastic of my waistband makes it past my knees, he’s forcing my legs wider. Just wide enough that he can thrust up, his cock spreading me open.

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