I stiffen against him, my spine going ramrod straight as my walls struggle to stretch around him.

There’s so much of him, my belly fills with this strange flipping sensation. I try to swallow it back down, but it crawls over me until I’m uncontrollably trembling.

And just when I think he’s gone as deep inside me as he can go, he pushes in even further, making me feel as if I just might burst.

Finally, he reaches the spot where he can go no further without truly damaging me and stops, going completely still.

His strained breath in my ear, I realize I’m stretched so tightly around him I can feel my pulse throbbing around his thickness.

“This…” he pants, slowly withdrawing from me only to thrust his length back in. “This is what makes this life worth living…”

Slowly he works his cock in and out of me, gliding easily along my wetness.

And the most intense, most incredible sensations begin to build inside me. Ramping up with each deep stroke.

“I won’t let you push me out,” he grunts, picking up speed. “I won’t let you run from us.”

Little mewling sounds begin to slip from my lips, joining with the wet sounds of our joining.

There seems to be this one vulnerable spot inside me that he keeps hitting, so hypersensitive it steals my breath.

Faster and faster, he pumps inside me. His hips slapping against my ass. And all the sensations growing inside of me suddenly become so strong and overwhelming I can’t handle it.

I try to pull away only to have his arms suddenly come around me.

“No,” he nearly roars as his arms pull me back, clutching me against his chest. “Don’t you dare fucking run.”

“It’s too much, Gabriel!” I wail as he keeps me trapped against him as he rolls onto his back.

“It’s not enough,” he counters, his arms wrapping over my breasts. “It will never be enough.”

Heels digging into the bed, his arms tighten around me as he begins to slam himself inside me like he’ll die if he doesn’t.

Trapped against him in the embrace of his arms, I become frantic to escape. All the things assaulting my body feel so good, I swear he’s killing me.

Clawing at his arms, I shake my head back and forth as I sob, “Gabriel, please! I can’t, I can’t.”

“You can,” he insists. “You fucking can, Meghan. Stop fucking fighting it, stop holding back.”

But I can’t stop fighting it or holding it back. The pleasure he’s inflicting on me is so good, so fucking strong, it almost hurts. And the orgasm looming in front of me is so steep, I don’t think I can survive the fall.

Then he kisses my cheek and says, “Trust me, baby. I’ve got you.”

I shouldn’t, but my entire body is throbbing in agony, my pussy quivering with the need for relief.

Releasing a hair-raising growl, he begins to piston himself inside me furiously, determined to push me over the edge, despite my refusal.

“Come for me. Come for me, goddammit,” he demands, and there’s just so much inside me I snap.

I go soaring over the edge, and the fall is so glorious, so fucking terrifying, I scream.

I scream because I’m afraid. I scream because it feels so good. But most of all I scream because there’s so much built up inside of me it’s the only way to release it.

“Yes,” Gabriel says in triumph as his hips slap hard against my ass. “That’s it, baby. I got you.”

I fall and fall, screaming the whole way down. But instead of crashing and breaking, he’s there to catch me.

I reach the bottom squeezed in his arms.

With a grown, he slams his cock deep one last time, and is warmth floods me as he murmurs sweet words of devotion.

And for once in my fucking life I feel safe.

I feel protected.



The shrill ring of my cellphone yanks me out from under the hot showerhead. I’m not entirely sure how long I’ve been standing under the heat. I’ve probably used up most of the hot water in the tank, but it’s been worth it.

I’ve been able to silence all the thoughts that rage and tear through my mind. I need to stay in the moment right now, to be the hand of destruction that Lucifer pulled me from hell to be.

The ringing ends as I step out of the shower and pull a towel around my waist. I can hear Meghan’s sleepy voice as she walks to the door. She’s talking to someone quietly before she opens the door and thrusts the phone toward me.

She’s definitely not a morning person, I think as I watch her grumpily walk back to the bed and practically thrown herself down on top of it.

“What?” I ask as I push the phone up to my ear.

My eyes stare down at Meghan’s panty-covered ass. It looks so juicy and delicious, I’m half tempted to bite it. Bite it and leave a bruise.

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