There is only him, me, and the overwhelming desire to take him deep inside my body.

To make my promise complete.

As if he’s afraid I might change my mind, his hands grab at my shirt, ripping and tearing until the fabric falls away in shreds. I try to do the same to his shirt, but I don’t quite have the strength.

When I whimper into his mouth, he reaches down and bats my hands away.

Grabbing where I grabbed, he yanks his hands apart, ripping his black t-shirt open for me.

Greedy for the feel of his skin, I slap my palms against his bare chest. I explore, rubbing my hands over the hard planes of his sculpted pecs.

But it’s not enough. I have this visceral need to dig into his flesh. To leave my mark.

Clawing at him, I scrape my nails down to his waist.

With a smothered growl, he thrusts his hips hard into me, grinding his trapped erection into my sex.

Hoping for another thrust, I drag my nails back up, raking them across his stiff nipples.

His entire body jolts and a purr of pleasure rolls down my throat. Then he’s grabbing up my hands and yanking them behind my back, forcing me to thrust out my chest.

He rips his lips away from mine, and before I can gasp out a protest, he’s nipping his way down my neck.

I want to beg him to kiss me again, but he bites at the hollow of my throat and a flash of delicious weakness courses through me, forcing me into silence.

Lower, his mouth travels.

Biting at my collarbones and nipping a path down to my breasts.

Sucking in a breath and holding it, I half-expect him to bite at my nipples, given what I did to his.

But his hot mouth completely covers me and he groans with pleasure as he pulls back a gentle suckle.

Warmth floods through my veins, burning like molten lava, and I begin to melt beneath his mouth.

Back and forth, between both breasts, he hungrily and frantically suckles on me, until I’m squirming against the counter and my breasts feel heavy.

Just as I begin to relax, tipping my head back and letting him have his way with me, his teeth clamp down on my nipple.

Pinching down on the tender flesh.

I jerk, my head snapping up.

With a grin, he soothes the pain away with his tongue, swirling it against me.

I watch him with wary eyes as he moves to the other breast, prepared for the pinch. But all he does is suckle until I start to relax again.

As soon as my head tips back and a low moan flows out of my throat, his teeth are clamping down.

“Gabriel,” I gasp, finally breaking the silence between us as the sting settles in.

“You taste so fucking good,” he groans, “I just want to eat you up.”

His tongue lashes at me as if he’s in a hurry to soothe the pain away.

“I want to leave my mark all over your body.”

Then he’s kissing, nipping, sucking, and biting his way down my stomach. My muscles tighten against the onslaught of his mouth and I don’t even realize he’s released my hands until he’s unbuckling my holster and shoving down my pants.

My pants, panties, and shoes hit the floor and his head dips lower. Teeth scraping across my mons.

“Don’t you dare,” I warn and feel his smirk.

Shoving my thighs apart, I tense up in fear and excitement as his warm breath drops lower, hitting my wetness.

If he bites me there, so help me—

That thought inside my head is cut off as he suddenly straightens, towering over me again.

Before I have a chance to react to the sudden change, he’s grabbing me by the back of the head and pulling me in for another brutal kiss.

I become so lost in the taste of his mouth, I throw my arms around his neck and cling to him.

Reaching between us, he undoes his own holster and pants one-handed.

Then his fingers are wrapping around my hip and jerking my ass to the edge of the counter. There’s no warning, no time to brace myself, as he begins to push his thick, velvety length into me.

My tongue and lips begin to falter as my walls stretch around him.

So big… will he ever stop feeling so big?

“That’s it,” he encourages me between pulls of his mouth. “Don’t fight me, Meghan. Let me in.”

I spread my thighs wider to accept him and even wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him closer.

He groans with primal satisfaction as he slides all the way in.

Once he’s completely inside me, he stops and tugs on the back of my scalp.

“Who do you belong to?” he asks, his voice deep and guttural.

His grip on my hair forcing my neck to arch almost painfully, I stare up into the blazing depths of his blue eyes and say without hesitation, “You.”