“I seem to remember shoving my dick down your wife’s throat last night,” I grunt as he pushes both my arms down so he can cuff me fully.

The metal handle of his gun slams into the back of my skull and for a brief moment I think I see stars.

“Stop resisting arrest, asshole,” he shouts at me before the toe of his boot slams into my back, right where my kidneys are.

Hunching forward, I give a shout of pain. “Jesus, little dick, it’s not my fault she wanted to go ass to mouth.”

“Real funny, smart-ass, but remember you’re the one in cuffs,” he says before he kicks me in the back hard enough that I fall forward, slamming the side of my face into the Lexus.

“Stop baiting him, Gabriel,” Simon snickers through the comms piece in my ear.

“Would if I could,” I grumble as I slide down the car to land on my side.

Two long minutes go by with me lying here on the side of the road, my head accidentally kicked more than once by the power-hungry douchebag. I’m pretty sure he got pissed when I started with the innuendos about his mother and a goat. Fucking asshole is gonna die sometime soon.

Don’t give a shit what kind of problems that causes.

My head is fuzzy from the kicks, but it’s not so fucking fuzzy that I don’t think of Meghan and how she fucking ran around the Lexus toward the very fucking men who want to kill her.

What the fuck was she thinking? She said she’d by my fucking side. Thick and thin, we’re supposed to be fucking together. Motherfucker. I’m going to punish her ass so fucking badly when I get her back.

Spankings… biting… I’ll even fuck her in it until she screams her submission.

Fucking hell, I’ll lock a damn chain collar around her neck. Chain her to the fucking house. She’s going to be on fucking lockdown when I get her ass in my hands again.

Gonna have to spank her ass for being so fucking stupid. Spank her right after I grab a handful of that hair of hers and kiss her so goddamn hard it bruises her lips.

My stomach dropped watching her being so fucking stupid, running away from me.

Fucking hell.

“Hey asshole, your dad ever tell you about the time I fucked your mom in the ass in front of him?” I shout out at the officer.

“I swear to god I’m going—” he shouts at me before the other officer yanks him away from me.

“Stop, dumbass! Lieutenant is trying to get a hold of us,” the other officer says to his jackass partner.

“So what? Where’s our damn backup?” Jackass asks.

Looking up at the pair, I start to fucking chuckle. “Bet ya the Lieutenant is going to tell you to let us go.”

“You’ll be in prison so fucking long you’ll rot,” the asshole says to me before he spits at my head.

The nice one looks over to his partner, his eyes wide as can be. “We have to uncuff them.”

“What?!” Asshole screeches.

“Official orders. We have to release them immediately. If we don’t, we’ll be subject to arrest for impeding an ongoing investigation,” the calmer one says, and from the look on his face I bet he’s just been told his career could be in jeopardy, if not more.

Now, if I was smart, I wouldn’t want to be the one who uncuffs my pissed-off ass. I’ve already been pulling my wrists apart so damn hard that I can feel the chain beginning to groan.

All those kicks to the head have pissed me the fuck off.

“Sit up, you fucking criminal,” the asshole cop sneers at me.

Rolling as quickly as I can, I growl, “Told you.”

“Fuck you,” he says, extremely pissed off about having to let us go.

Pushing my back up against the Lexus, I slowly slide my way up to my feet.

Standing up to my full height, I grin down at him before turning around to show my cuffs. “Remove ‘em, pig.”

* * *

Johnathan pats Andrew on the shoulder and jogs past the cops to catch up to me as I climb into the Lexus.

Opening the door, he drops down into the seat. “Head to Bethlehem. They’ll be there somewhere, running to get underground.”

Nodding my head, I roll down my window and extend my arm to the officer who kicked me.

Raising my middle finger to him, I say, “See you soon, fuckboy.”

“Goddammit,” Simon all but screams over the comms.

His voice is so loud, Johnathan and I both wince.

Lucifer talks over Simon’s yelling. “The Russians slowed down long enough for the Highway Patrol officer to get close to them. Then they opened up with automatic rifle fire, killing him. We’ve lost them in the ensuing traffic panic ahead and behind them.”

“You what?” I ask in disbelief.

How the fuck could everything be going so fucking wrong?

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