“James, what’s your location?” I snarl out into our comms.

How the fuck could we lose them so fucking easily?

“In traffic. I could jerk off and the line will probably have not moved. We’re at a standstill,” James grumbles.

“Fuck!” I shout as I pound my hands on the steering wheel.

“Everyone get off the next exit possible. We’ll guide you through the backroads to Bethlehem,” Simon says.

“They’re going to ditch the cars. Those Audis are going to be way too hot to travel in right now,” Johnathan says from my side.

“I know,” I growl, and punch the steering wheel again.

He’s fucking right, too. Alexei will dump the cars as soon as they possibly can. Those fuckers have cop killer written all over them.

Fuck. I have no clue how we can get back to locating them if they get rid of the cars.

“I want that pig who pulled them over early. We need to talk to him. Fucker needs to give me the reason he went outside of what he was told to do,” I spit out.

“We’ll make sure to bring him in. I’m trying to figure out why he would do it when the chief of police was in pursuit as well,” Simon says.

“Is it possible he’s with the Russians?” James asks.

“I doubt it,” Simon says.

“Put the word out to all our contacts that we’re on the lookout for Alexei’s dumped vehicles. Also, we’re looking for any Russian or Irish thug we can find,” Lucifer says.

“Already on it. I’ll have their faces on fucking milk cartons by the end of the hour,” Simon says.

“Make sure you put on Alexei’s that he likes things shoved up his butt,” James says with a laugh. “Also, that Meghan could be considered a midget next to her husband.”

“You’re—” I start.

“We’re going to need all hands on this,” Lucifer says through the comms.

“We have Thaddeus arriving from Ohio in three days. Having Jude here now helps, as well. I also have a line on a new guy coming in. He’ll be good for us,” Simon says.

“Would that be Eric?” Lucifer asks.

“Yes,” Simon says.

The line goes quiet as we all begin to navigate the back roads toward Bethlehem. It’s not a tremendous distance from Garden City, but having to avoid the interstate certainly adds time we don’t have.

Fuck, if Meghan could have just fucking played this smart instead of running the fuck away from me…

Slamming my fist into the wheel again, I mutter, “What the fuck was she thinking?”

“What do you mean?” Johnathan asks me.

Looking over, I say, “She fucking ran to those motherfuckers. We had a fucking…”

I stop talking for a moment. My rage is threatening to erupt, and I can just feel it in my bones how badly I want to hurt someone.

Raising his hands in a settle down motion, Johnathan says, “I ain’t saying you don’t have a right to be fucking pissed as hell, but you might have been at a disadvantage in seeing what went down.”

Rolling my shoulders, I try to settle my shit before I ask, “What do you mean?”

“Well, let me preface this with the conversation we had right before we all got to the scene,” he says.

“Fine. Get to the point, fucker,” I grunt

“She just heard that dear old dad wasn’t right about who blew her mom to bits,” he says.

“Yeah, don’t mean she needed to run to that fucker the moment she had a chance,” I say.

Chuckling at me, I can see he’s getting ready to tell me something I missed. I just wish the fucker would get to the fucking shit I need to know before I snap his neck.

“She had her gun out and pointing at dear old dad’s forehead. She had that motherfucker dead to rights. I couldn’t hear all the words she spoke, but it looked like she was pretty damn pissed. Then Alexei snapped her up and pulled the trigger on her father with her. He forced her to shoot her own dad,” he says.

My stomach fucking drops out from me as I think on what I just heard. Fuck me with a broomstick. Both of those little facts are a huge fucking revelation.

She was still stupid as fuck to run away from my fucking protection, but she did it for answers. I probably would have done the same thing.

“Fucking cock-sucking, tiny-dicked fuck,” I growl.

Johnathan leans back in his seat as he pulls his gun out and does a quick check to make sure it’s loaded. “Yep.”

* * *

“We have a possible location for Alexei,” Simon says over the communications channel all of our guys are currently using.

“Where, and how reliable is the source?” I ask quickly.

So far none of us have had any luck driving through Bethlehem. The Audis were found ditched and lit on fire. They did it under an overpass as soon as they got away from the highway. The cops were actually the first to spot the burning cars.

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