His words floor me, and I can only gape at him.

People were worried about me? People besides Gabriel?

“Yeah, Beth will probably want to give you a hug too for taking care of that bastard,” Johnathan says. “If you’re up for it.”

Looking at the faces of the men surrounding me, it suddenly hits me. Almost every one of them has a wife and kids waiting on them.

And they put themselves in danger. They risked their lives to save me.

Choking up, I push out a smile for Johnathan and try not to burst into tears as I tell him, “I think I’m up for it.”

“Excellent,” Lucifer says and then motions to a dark car. “You can ride with Michael and me.”

Tucking me back into his side, Gabriel leads me over to the car.

Voice dropping down to nearly a whisper, he frowns and asks, “You okay?”

No, I’m not quite okay with everything that just happened. It will take some time to process and deal with it all.

But looking up at him, at the man I love, at the man who saved me, I know, “I will be.”

Because despite all the shit that I’ve gone through. Despite everything I’ve lost…

I’ve gained Gabriel and a family that cares about me.

And I fucking love them.



Pulling up to Lucifer’s warehouse, I’m ready to start figuring out what the fuck Alexei was doing with his old man.

We’ve got a lot of questions for the old fucking pile of shit, but we might not get any answers. We have no clue what shape he was in when he went into the coma, he could have fucking Alzheimer’s for all we know.

Only Simon’s car is out front, so that means the body hasn’t been arrived yet.

Andrew and a trusted medical friend of the family were charged with waking the old fucker up from his coma and assessing if he’s even worth talking to. That started yesterday, and there were good signs that we’ll be able to get something out of him, but how much is the question.

Like Lucifer said, he could have a mushy fucking brain and we don’t get shit.

“Where the fuck is everyone?” I ask Simon as I walk into the backroom of the warehouse.

Fucking place looks a bit different than normal, filled with all the medical equipment that’s been brought in for this shit show.

“Lucifer is on his way now. Johnathan and Andrew are bringing the man here. He’s still under a light sedation in case he gets volatile during the transport,” Simon says as he waves his hand toward the medical equipment. “James is off on whatever the hell Lucifer gave him permission for, and Thad is on his way home.”

“What about Jude?” I ask as I start to remove my phone, wallet, and keys from my pockets.

Looking up from the laptop he’s typing shit out on, Simon says, “Flying to Ukraine. He’s going to be visiting an old friend of ours to see if he can find out more about Alexei’s father.”

“Sounds good,” I say as I drop all my shit on a cleared desk.

When we got home last night, Meghan worried like a mother hen over my shoulder. She was worried that Andrew didn’t really know what he was doing, and it took a lot of explaining to get her to understand that I was fine.

I had to grit my fucking teeth when he did a quick exam of her body. Thankfully they both agreed that she didn’t need to be inspected like Alexei’s doctor inspected her. With all my heart, I wish I was the fucking one who killed that motherfucker.

Fucking Armenian bastard.

I’m surprised how easily we both fell asleep last night, though. No sex, of course. I wasn’t willing to risk hurting her on top of what she’s already been through.

I did tell her though that she needs to find out which doctors the wives use for themselves and their kids. We need to get shit in order. No reason not to make sure she is completely taken care of.

Fuck, no sex last night is fucking killing me right now. Even if there’s a chance I might have already knocked her up, I want to pound her ass so fucking hard there’s no way she’s not pregnant.

Those sexy fucking hips of hers are going to look so good when she’s walking around with my kid inside her. Fuck, there might even be two, given that the chances of a twin having twins is higher than normal.

“What the hell are you doing?” Simon grits out at me as I pull my gun off my hip.

“How long till they all get here?” I ask.

“Twenty minutes,” he says, and then realization flares across his face as he figures out what I’m up to.

“Twenty should be enough time, right?” I ask as I watch him stand up from the laptop.

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