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"Yes, yes, I want that," I moaned, more wetness pooling between my thighs.

I wanted it hard. I wanted him to pound into me. I'd never had it that way. My inner muscles clenched in delicious anticipation and a thrill shot down my spine, that furious drumbeat starting again.

He moved between my legs and I brought my knees up and wantonly let my legs fall to the side, offering myself to him.

He took my wrists in his hands and brought them over my head and held them against the pillow. He mounted me and brought his lips to mine again, thrusting his tongue into my mouth seconds before he thrust into me from below. I moaned out in pleasure and he tore his mouth from mine. "Oh Fuck, Grace, baby you're so tight."

"Please," I panted out. What I was begging for, I wasn't sure, but he seemed to know.

He let out a quick exhale and started pumping into me. At first he went slow and deep, his movement controlled, rubbing a spot inside of me that I didn't even know existed. I panted out in pleasure, "Oh God, Oh God, right there, yessss," and his eyes watched me, gauging my reaction and moving his body in response to my cues. When I started panting and pushing up against him, he started moving hard and fast, thrusting into me relentlessly, his eyes growing heavy, his mouth falling open. God, he was so beautiful it was heart-stopping.

As he slammed into me, over and over, the pleasure spiraled higher and higher until there was nowhere to go but over the edge. I shuddered and screamed out beneath him as the orgasm exploded through my body. This one was just as intense as the first, but it was different, starting from deep inside, my internal muscles rippling and clenching deliciously. Holy hell.

As I came down, I watched his face tense and I knew he was coming. "Oh God," he choked out as his thrusts grew jerky and goose bumps erupted on his skin.

He moved his mouth to mine and moaned out the rest of his orgasm against my lips. As he kissed me slowly and deeply, he moved in and out of me leisurely, milking his own cl**ax before his h*ps came to a stop, and he let go of my hands. "You're incredible, Buttercup," he said on a smile, moving his head to my shoulder to bite it playfully.

He pulled out of me and rolled off, standing up and heading to the bathroom to get rid of the condom, I assumed. He was back in a flash, climbing back under the sheet and pulling me into his arms. "So that's what sex is supposed to be like," I sighed, shock and awe still clouding my orgasm-fogged brain.

He chuckled.

"My future husband is going to make a shrine in your honor."

"Hmmm. Remind me to give you an autographed picture before you leave so you can hang it in the middle."

I smiled into his chest, kissing the smooth skin.

I used my pointer finger to trace his nipple and watched as it hardened. I brought my leg up over his and felt him twitch against me. "Grace…" he moaned out.

My head came up. "Really? You could go again so soon?"

"I guess I haven't gotten enough of you yet."

I laughed. "Well good thing you have me all weekend. But I think I need at least a couple hours of recovery time. My bones feel like water."

He chuckled. "Okay, as long as you don't mind being woken up in the middle of the night."

"Hmm hmm. Not if you do that to me again."

I felt his grin against my forehead as he leaned down and kissed me. "Go to sleep, Buttercup."

"Why do you call me Buttercup?" I whispered sleepily.

"Maybe because your skin is as creamy as butter," he said and I could hear the smile in his voice.


I closed my eyes and was asleep within minutes.

And Carson made good on his promise to wake me up in the middle of the night as he pushed inside of me and thrust lazily until we both tipped over the edge, the pleasure making us both moan into each other's mouths.

When I woke up to his delicious scent all around me in the early hours of the morning, I felt something hot and hard twitching against my ass and so I took his thick, hard length in my hand and stroked him until I saw the goose bumps erupt on his skin and he moaned out in release.

"You're gonna kill me, Buttercup," he choked out, his voice thick with sleep. "But oh well, we all have to go sometime."

I grinned against his skin.

We fell back to sleep as a small sliver of sunlight showed itself at the edge of the blackout curtains and didn't wake up again until my stomach was growling with hunger and I'd missed the beginning of my conference.



I slipped out of bed and pulled on my clothes. I watched Grace as I zipped and buttoned my jeans. She was asleep on her stomach, the sheet just barely covering her ass, her hair a mass of blonde waves, going in every direction. She looked like a goddess. I had been inside her twice last night and this morning, and had three orgasms, and yet I still wanted to roll her over and sink inside her again. I couldn't get enough. The thought worried me a little. I never felt this way. I was usually halfway out the door before the woman even realized I was leaving. Not that I wasn't upfront about what my hookups were about, and the women I chose were ones who indicated to me that that was okay with them. Whether they were lying or not, wasn't really my concern. Not that I could have a normal relationship anyway–even if I wanted one. Girls who weren't in the business tended to have a big problem dating a guy who made p**n films. I didn't blame them. And no way I could date a woman in the business. I knew better than anyone that sex on set was just work. But to date a woman who f**ked other dudes? No f**king way. So if I wasn't working, I stayed away from the whole crowd.

But here was this beautiful woman lying in my bed, tangled in the sheets that we had just f**ked in–again and again. And I practically wanted to tie her down so that she didn't leave. Only, she would leave–Monday morning. And I'd be wise to get my fill of her and not forget that I'd be sending her on her way–just after a little more time than the others. In the end, I guess it was all the same.

I left the room and made my way down to the restaurant downstairs and got two coffees and a couple pastries to go. I jumped back on the elevator and headed back to my room to feed my sleeping goddess. I couldn't help smiling to myself. I could have ordered room service but I didn't want anyone wheeling a cart into the room and seeing Grace na**d, wrapped in a sheet. She was for my eyes only.

I opened the room door, balancing the coffees in one hand and the bag of pastries in the other. I remembered to stick the "do not disturb" sign on the door handle.

I closed the door quietly and set the food on the desk. Grace was in the exact same position she had been in when I left. I smiled as I walked over to the bed and moved her hair aside to whisper in her ear, "Hey sleeping Buttercup."

She wriggled and opened one eye as she gave me a sleepy smile. "Hey yourself," she said shyly, sitting up and bringing the sheet up over her breasts. She glanced at the clock and looked back at me, startled. "Oh God. I missed the beginning of my conference," she said.

"Yeah, I guess we didn't really talk about that, did we? You gonna be in trouble?" I asked.

She shook her head, biting her lip. "It wasn't mandatory or anything. No one will know whether I was there or not. I've just never blown something off… " She paused for a minute, deep in thought. "You know what? It's okay. But, there is one presentation that I want to go to tomorrow afternoon, the one I really came for, but I'm okay skipping the rest." She looked almost surprised before she turned her face to me and gave me a bigger smile. "Is that coffee I smell?"

I went over and grabbed her cup and brought it to her. "Pastries too if you want one?"

"I'd love one. That was nice of you to get me food."

"Babe, your stomach was growling so loud I thought it was a plane flying overhead. I couldn't exactly sleep through that."

She laughed out loud, putting a hand over her mouth so that she didn't spew the sip of coffee she had just taken. "It was not!" she laughed out. Then she frowned, "Was it?"

I laughed too. "Okay, maybe not that loud, but my Buttercup clearly needed food."

She smiled over the lid of her coffee, and took another sip. "So, are you gonna be in trouble for skipping your show?"

"Probably. I don't know. I haven't turned my phone on since you showed up at my door. My agent has probably been calling me non-stop."

She stared at me silently for a couple beats. "Carson… if this weekend isn't a good idea for your… career, I don't want to make trouble for you."

"Grace, I'm not exactly broken up about spending time with a beautiful, sexy Buttercup, rather than throngs of p**n fans." Why did I hate talking about anything that reminded her what I did? It was part of the reason she was here–my experience.

She laughed a little uncomfortably and then got a stricken look on her face. "Carson, last night… in the middle of the night, did you…" She looked around and her eyes landed on the empty condom wrapper on the bedside table. She breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, okay."

"I'm clean. We have to get tested every month. I just got a clean bill of health a week ago. You're probably safer with me than some random guy you might pick up at the pool."

She nodded. "Well, that's… good. Still, I'm not on birth control."

"We'll be really careful, okay?"

She nodded again, taking another sip of her coffee.

"So, what do you want to do today? The city is our oyster."

"The first thing I wanna do is take a shower. I'm a mess." She brought one hand up and smoothed her wild hair down.

"You're beautiful. But how about you finish your breakfast and I jump in for five minutes, and then you take one after me. That okay?"

"Yes, sounds good."

"Okay." I smiled and leaned in and kissed her lips. "Out in five."



Carson handed me the bag of pastries and some napkins and I sat in bed drinking my coffee and nibbling on the sweets, considering the situation at hand. I choked down the giggles rising up my throat. I didn't know if they were giggles of hilarity or hysteria. I was eating in bed–which I never did, sweets–which I never ate, after letting a gorgeous p**n star give me multiple orgasms through the night. And now I was blowing off my conference–unheard of–so that I could spend more time with him. And hopefully later he'd give me more mind-blowing orgasms. Who was I? And why exactly wasn't I heading for the hills? Because you like him, a small voice said. I took a sip of my coffee, chewing thoughtfully. Yes, I liked him. But that was good, right? I had always planned on liking my Guy Number Two. Yes, it could be argued, pretty well, most likely, that what I was doing was slutty. But if I didn't even like the guy, wouldn't that make it even worse? So yes, I liked him. He was funny and I never knew exactly what was going to come out of his mouth. And there was a sweetness to him that I didn't think he showed very many people. And he was sexy as hell and the things he could do with his mouth and his…

"What are you sitting there thinking about?" Carson asked, standing there in nothing more than a towel. Mmm.

"Oh, nothing much," I said, standing up and stretching. Carson watched me, his eyes darkening. I liked that look–a lot. My shower would be a cold one.

He didn't move to let me by and so I smiled a little nervously and said, "Excuse me," as I dropped the sheet and scooted past him.

I closed the bathroom door and leaned against it, breathing hard. God, I was really out of my element here. Get it together, Grace. He said he'd take charge. Just relax and let him. It seemed to work out just fine last night. Heat rushed through me as the slideshow of our night raced through my brain. My breathing evened out and my nerves evaporated, at least for now, and I went about the business of brushing my teeth and showering.

When I emerged from the bathroom with a towel around me and my hair still damp, Carson was sitting up against the headboard, scrolling through his phone, still clad in nothing but his towel.

He looked up at me. "Hey, Buttercup."

"Why do you call me Buttercup?" I asked, smiling and walking toward him.

He grinned. "Maybe because you're so little, like a flower."

"I'm not that little." I grinned back.

"I can't remember. Come here."

I walked over to him and sat down on his lap, pulling both my legs up over his and stretching them out. I leaned back onto his na**d chest as he wrapped his arms around me. He swept my hair to the side and leaned down and nuzzled my neck, tracing my ear with his nose. I sighed, my ni**les hardening and heat swirling through my belly at his simplest of touches.

I felt him swell and lengthen beneath me and knew he was as affected by me as I was by him. It was a heady thought and made me bolder. I rotated my ass slowly over his growing erection. He moaned, "God, Grace, that feels so good."

He opened my towel and palmed my breasts, squeezing them gently and then rubbing his thumbs on my hardened nipples. I moaned and felt his c**k jump underneath me. My sounds of pleasure turned him on. I loved that. I moaned again when he pinched my ni**les gently and felt him jump beneath me again.

He played with my br**sts for a few more minutes as he kissed my neck from behind and I rubbed my ass against him. We were both breathing hard now, the humming sound of the air conditioner and our gasps and moans the only things filling the room. It felt like electricity was running through my veins, sending hot bolts between my legs.

He reached his hand down and ran a finger between my folds. "Jesus, you're wet, baby. Is all that for me? So I can slide right inside? Tell me, Grace." His voice was thick, raspy.