Page 56 of Rags to Riches Baby

Emma’s baby girl, Georgette, had been born right after Lucy announced her pregnancy. Little Georgie, named after her maternal grandfather, George Dempsey, had occupied most of Emma’s time the last three months. Lucy accepted the phone from Oliver, curious as to what prompted the call from her friend.

“Hey, Emma,” Lucy said. “I’m trying to pick out a color for the nursery. What’s going on with you?”

“It’s not me I’m calling about, it’s Violet.”

Lucy didn’t like the way her friend said that. “What’s wrong? Are she and the baby okay?” Violet was due any day now.

“They’re both fine. She delivered a healthy baby boy this morning.”

“That’s wonderful!” Lucy gushed. “I’m glad you called, I hadn’t heard anything yet. Stupid Beau. He was supposed to let us know when she went into labor.”

“Yeah, well…” Emma said. “There’s a reason he didn’t call.”

The feeling of anxiety returned to Lucy’s stomach. “What’s that?”

“It turns out the baby isn’t his.”

Lucy’s jaw dropped. “What? How do they know that? Did he demand a paternity test so soon after she delivered?”

“No,” Emma replied. “They didn’t need one. Beau and Violet are both dark haired, dark skinned and dark eyed. Mediterranean lineage through and through.”

“And the baby?”

“The baby is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed redhead.”

A redhead? Violet had never once mentioned anything about a dating a ginger. She’d been on again, off again with Beau for the last few years, but even then, Violet hadn’t dated anyone else. At least that Lucy knew about. “Then who is the father?”

“That’s just it. No one knows. Not even Violet. Apparently she conceived the baby just before her car accident. When she hit her head and got amnesia, she lost the whole week, including any memories of being with someone else. She doesn’t remember who her baby’s father is!”

* * * * *