Page 64 of Lone Star Reunion

Daniel pointed his finger at Caleb. “Go.”

Shelby rested her temple on Caleb’s arm. “We’re having twins.”

Alex let out a whoop, tore away from Daniel’s hold to hug Shelby. As everyone else congratulated the happy pair, Alex took the chance to hug Tessa and then, because she was overflowing with happiness, to hug Rachel, as well.

Daniel gently hooked his finger into the back of her dress and tugged her back into her previous position. “We really do need to get back inside.”

Alex nodded. “I know. Rose is going to have a fit if she finds us hanging out in the hallway with our friends.”

Daniel grinned and jerked his head at James. “What’s up?”

“Nothing that can’t wait. I was just thinking that maybe Alex could do another fund-raising function next year.”

Alex nodded enthusiastically, her mischievous side surfacing. “Absolutely. I was thinking about a skin calendar, tentatively called ‘The Rogues of Royal.’ I’d need you all to model. I hope you are comfortable stripping down in front of a camera.”

The five male faces in front of her paled in unison. Alex looked up at her husband, who was laughing. “You know that I have no problem stripping down,” he murmured before looking back at the group. “To be discussed later. Much, much later. Brooke, what have you got there, honey?”

Yet again the door opened, and Alex winced when she saw Rose’s unamused face. “Ladies and gentlemen, the party is inside, not out here.” This time, twelve grown men and women shuffled their feet at the displeasure in Regal Rose’s voice.

Alex opened her mouth to apologize, but then her grandfather slipped past Rose, his eyes on the package in Brooke’s hand. “Rosie! It’s here!”

Rose clasped her hands in delight and joined Gus at Brooke’s side. Alex stepped away from Daniel and wondered what was going on. “What is it?” she asked.

Rose beckoned her to come closer. The group made a circle behind them and Daniel dropped to his haunches, his hand on the frame. Alex heard movement behind Ryan and glanced over to see Hector joining the group, his eyes not moving from Daniel’s face.

Gus nodded, and Daniel ripped the paper away. Alex took a moment to absorb the significance of Brooke’s painting. A wolf rested in the first of three circles—one each for her, Daniel and Jason—and beneath it, Brooke had carefully painted the words The Silver Wolf Ranch.

Daniel turned to look at her and she saw love and adoration in his eyes. He stood up and took her hand and raised her knuckles to his lips. “Equal partners, Slade?”

“Equal partners, Clayton,” she murmured.

Daniel kept her hand in his as he led her back to their wedding reception and their guests. “One dance, the cake cutting and then I’m hauling you out of here, Lex.”

Alex grinned at him. “As you already know, I’m always up for a good kidnapping, my darling.”

* * *

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