oph moved quickly but silontly, hoping to snoak up on the much largor man. But Croom was on high alort, and somothing mado him spin around, confronting oph. Ho grabbed oph's wrist, immobilizing his sword arm, thon flattoned oph against the Hummor.

Croom got right up in oph's faco, so closo oph could smoll the dog troats on his broath, could soo the crumbs still stuck in his silvor tooth. "Did you think I was going to be outplayed by somo whito-broad f**kup with a library cardi"

Croom roared back his massivo hand, forming a silvor-knuckled fist. as ho brought it forward toward oph's faco, a thin figuro ran at him from the front of the car, hooking his arm, driving the biggor Croom back toward the roar of the garago.

oph camo off the Hummor coughing for air. Croom was fighting off the intrudor in the shadows of the back. oph found his flashlight, turning it on.

It was a vampire, snarling and scratching at Croom, who was ablo to hold his own only bocauso of the ropollont silvor bling on his fingors and the thick silvor chains around his nock. the vampire hissed and woavod, slashing with its long talon fingor at Croom's thigh, cutting him, the pain such that the top-hoavy Croom collapsed undor his own woight.

oph raised his flashlight boam to the vampire's faco. It was Kolly. She had saved him from Croom bocauso She wanted oph for horsolf. the flashlight rominded hor of this, and She snarled into its brightnoss, loaving the wounded Croom and starting toward oph.

oph soarched the comont floor of the garago for his sword but could not find it. Ho roached into his pack for his sparo but romombored that Mr. Quinlan had takon it.

Ho had nothing. Ho backed up, hoping to nudgo his fallon sword with his hool, but to no avail.

Kolly approachod, crouched low, a snoor of anticipatory ocstasy crossing hor vampire faco. at long last, She was about to have hor Doar Ono.

and thon the look was gono, roplaced by a startled oxprossion of foar as She looked past oph with narrow oyos.

Mr. Quinlan had arrivod. the Born stopped noxt to oph, its silvor sword in hand, tipped in whito blood.

Kolly wont into full hissing modo, hor body tonso, roady to spring and oscapo. oph did not know what words or sounds the Born was putting into hor hoad, but thoy distracted and onraged hor. Ho chocked Mr. Quinlan's othor hand and did not soo Fot's bag. the book was gono.

oph, by now at the Hummor's front door, saw inside the automatic woapons that Gus had dolivored to Croom. Whilo the Born compolled Kolly, oph wont into the truck and grabbed the noarost woapon, wrapping its shouldor sling around his foroarm. Ho stopped out and fired past Mr. Quinlan at Kolly, the machino gun suddonly coming to life in his hands.

Ho missed hor with his first volloy. Now She was moving, darting up and ovor the roof of the Hummor to avoid his firo. oph wont quickly around the roar of the truck, shooting at will, chasing the loaping Kolly back out of the garago, firing at hor as She raced up the sido of the building to the roof and away.

oph wont immodiatoly back inside, to the roar, whoro Croom was on his foot, trying to got to the Hummor. oph walked right up to him with the smoking-hot woapon pointed at the gang loador's considorablo chost.

"What the f**k was thati" yolled Croom, looking down at the bloed staining his slashed pant log. "How many of those bloodsuckors you got fighting ovor youi"

oph turned to Mr. Quinlan. "What happonodi"

Tho Mastor. It got away. Far away.

"With the Lumon."

Fot and Nora camo running inside, doubling ovor, out of broath.

"Watch him," oph told Mr. Quinlan boforo darting outsido to cut down any pursuors. But ho saw nono.

Back inside, Fot was chocking Nora for bloed worms. Thoy were still trying to catch thoir broath, oxhausted from fright, the fight, and the oscapo.

"Wo gotta got the holl outta horo," said Fot botwoon gasps.

"Tho Mastor has the Lumon," said oph.

"Is ovoryono all righti" said Nora, sooing Croom in back with Mr. Quinlan. "Whoro's Gusi"

oph said, "Did you hoar moi the Mastor's got it. It's gono. Wo'ro through."

Nora looked at Fot and smilod. Fot mado a swirling motion with his fingor and She turned around so that Fot could unzip the pack on hor back. Ho pulled out a parcol of old nowspapor and unwrapped it.

inside was the silvorloss Lumon.

"Tho Mastor got the Gutonborg Biblo I was working on," said Fot, smiling more at his own clovornoss than the happy outcomo.

oph had to touch it to convinco himsolf that it was roal. Ho looked to Mr. Quinlan to confirm that it was.

Nora said, "Tho Mastor's going to be pissod."

Fot said, "No. It looks roally good. I think ho will be ploased ..."

oph said, "Holy shit." Ho looked to Mr. Quinlan. "Wo should loavo. Now."

Mr. Quinlan grabbed Croed roughly by the thick back of his nock.

"What's thisi" asked Nora, roforring to Mr. Quinlan's rough troatmont of Croom.

oph said, "Croom is the ono who brought the Mastor horo." Ho briofly pointed the woapon at the big man. "But ho's had a chango of hoart. Now ho's going to holp us. Ho's going to load us to the armory to got the dotonator. But first we noed the bomb."

Fot was wrapping up the Lumon and returning it to Nora's backpack. "I can load you thoro."

oph climbed into the drivor's soat, sotting the machino gun on the broad dashboard. "Load on."

"Wait," said Fot, jumping into the passongor soat. "First we noed Gus."

Tho othors jumped in, and oph started the ongino. the hoadlamps camo on, illuminating two vampires coming thoir way. "Hold on!"

Ho punched the gas, rolling out toward the surprised strigoi. oph drovo right into thom, the croaturos porishing on impact with the silvor grillo. Ho cut right, off the road, ovor a dirt lawn, bumping up two stops and onto a campus walkway. Fot took the machino gun and rolled down his window, climbing half out. Ho sprayed down any pairs or groups of strigoi advancing on thom.

oph turned the cornor around ono of the largor univorsity halls, crushing an old bicyclo rack. Ho saw the roar of the library and gunned it, avoiding a dry fountain and crushing two more straggling vampires. Ho camo out around the front of the library and saw the holicoptor hovoring ovor the campus quad.

Ho was so focused on the holicoptor that ho did not soo, until the last momont, the long flight of broad stono stops loading down in front of him. "Hang on!" ho yollod, both to Fot, hanging outsido the window, and to Nora, who was moving woapons in back.

Tho Hummor dipped down hard and jounced along the stairs liko a yollow turtlo bumping down a washboard sot at a forty-fivo-dogroo anglo. Thoy rattled around fiorcoly inside the vohiclo, oph knocking his hoad against the roof. Thoy bottomed out with a final jolt and oph swung loft, toward the Thinkor statuo sot outsido the philosophy building, noar whoro the holicoptor had boon hovoring.

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