“Fucking sexy as fuck Ginny, damn,” Castor remarks with his eyes shimmering. He drops the lighting for a split second as he admires her curvy form.

She’s so sexy that looking at her from afar through the camera lens is almost torture. I can feel the familiar throbbing in my pants, and a little bit of seed escapes as it rubs against my leg. God, I don’t want to stop but I have to keep things professional. Or do I? Ginny’s sassy smile has all the answers we need.



I almost drop my lighting board, a piece of equipment that costs thousands of dollars, because of Ginny’s perfect ass. I was so focused on getting the perfect lighting for her skin tone, making it exactly how she wants, this move literally threw me off guard. It’s amazing the effect that women can have on men without even realizing it. She looks at us for approval, but she doesn’t realize that she’s gorgeous. She doesn’t need us.

Then again, Corey and I are admittedly looking at her like she is an actual angel sent from the heavens. You would think someone could pick up on that type of emotion. But I can tell not many people have made Ginny feel so beautiful, so sexy, or so wanted. I could look at this woman all day for the rest of my life and be content.

Corey stops taking pictures for a minute, so I set down the lighting board, allowing all three of us to catch our breaths. It does seem that we may have had a bit of an effect on her. She’s squirming a little, and I can see her beautiful chest heaving up and down. My heart is pounding so hard; I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I can tell Corey feels it too.

Then again, it’s not surprising I can intuit what my partner wants because Corey and I have known each other for a long time. I can tell what he’s feeling just by glancing at him, and he can do the same with me. We both have a rough history with women, which is why we’ve been sharing women recently. It was so weird at first, dating the same woman. But honestly, I got used to it pretty fast. If anything, it’s better because there are two men to please the female in our relationship.

However, Ginny might be a different story. She’s not the type of woman we would fool around with because there’s something innocent and sweet about her. Yet she’s sassy with a knowing look in her eye that tells me she could take both Corey and I with no problem. Not to mention that this girl is genuinely interesting, which I appreciate. I smile at her.

“So Ginny, you’re killing this photo shoot. Seriously, you’re a natural. I think we should do an outfit change, and I really think you’d look amazing in this red set that matches the satin sheets.”

I gesture to my friend, and Corey holds up a filmy red lace bra with cut-outs for her nips and matching crotchless panties. I glance at the curvy girl, wondering how she’ll react to such a suggestion. She blushes deeply, looking down again, playing with a tiny curl in between her fingers.

I can see her doubting herself, doubting her sexiness. I walk over to Corey and take the lingerie set, handing it to Ginny, my eyes grazing her body. Our hands brush, and every nerve in my body is at attention. She surprises me and takes the lingerie shyly before walking straight into the dressing room.

God, just her touch makes me ache. Her smile literally makes my knees weak. And that shy sexiness? I mean, come on. I look at Corey and he has the same gleam in his eyes. We nod at each other and I turn, trying to occupy my mind with something other than Ginny’s ginormous tits spilling out over her bra. What I would do to suck on those nipples… Shit, I can imagine her moaning, telling me not to stop, and then asking for more. I would put her down on that satin bed and…

At that moment, she walks out of the dressing room and it takes all of my self control not to erupt right then and there. Damn, and I thought she was sexy as fuck before I actually even saw her nipples. All I want to do is reach two fingers underneath and feel her wetness, and taste her, and please her. It kills me to know there’s nothing covering her down there. She’s giving me this pouty face, like that’s all she wants too.

She looks at both Corey and me with excitement in her eyes. I can tell that we helped bring out the real woman in her, and I think she appreciates it. This time she takes her own direction and saunters over to the satin bed, confidence spilling out of her. Her high stilettos make each step she takes purposeful and sexy. She’s sure of herself this time, so Corey and I get in position to capture all of her.

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