My whole body is aching with want and need. Castor’s biting my neck, and then his hand reaches around and tugs on my nipple. I turn and kiss Castor forcefully, and begin unzipping his pants. He helps slide them off as our tongues twist and he bites my lip. I turn back and take off Corey’s shirt. I lose my breath when I see his sculpted abs and powerful, perfect arms. I’ve never wanted a man so much, and even more crazy, I want both of them.

I turn back to Castor and get back on all fours. He places both his hands on my face and tilts my head forward. I look him in the eyes, and Corey gets behind me, running his tongue down my back. I shiver, unable to contain my need any longer.

I look at Castor knowingly, telling him with my eyes that he’s the boss of me.

“You know what we want, Ginny?”

“You want me to suck your big, long cock. I want to make you come. I want to make you scream.” I lick my lips slowly.

“You do know,” he growls. “Now suck, Ginny, and we’ll pleasure you like you’ve never known.”

He pushes my head forward and I pull off his boxers, revealing a huge, throbbing member. Corey is behind me, whispering in my ear. “I want to be inside of you, sweetheart, I want to fill you up. I want to hear you fucking scream my name, dammit.”

Castor gathers my hair in his hands and pulls it back, and finally I lean forward and take his thick tool in my mouth. He’s so wide and long and it tastes amazing. I lean in and out sucking him, licking him, cupping him, and glance up as he’s standing looking down at me, moaning.

“Fuck, yes, fuck, Ginny, fuck!”

Corey brings two fingers and down the length of my stomach and finally brushes down my pussy, moaning when he feels how wet I am. My pink slit is throbbing; I can hardly take his touch. He leans down between my legs, and I feel his tongue slide on either side of my wetness. My legs are quivering as I suck Castor’s thickness, enjoying its meatiness. Corey’s tongue slides up and down my slit, and I moan onto Castor. Corey’s fingers enter me as his tongue swirls my clit softly and quickly. A shock goes up my spine and I’m sucking Castor’s thickness faster now. I feel him go rigid, his tool throbbing in my mouth.

I hear Corey unzip his pants and throw them to the floor. He finally mounts me from behind, teasing me with the tip of his cock. I am leaning more forward with Castor’s cock, letting him choke me, when Corey finally enters me. I scream, instantly hitting climax, as Corey continues in and out, softly, slowly. He wants me to enjoy this, he wants to control exactly when and how I feel.

“Mmmph!” I gasp as I’m pummeled from the back. “Ummmm!”

I continue sucking Castor, and he reaches down to push himself further in. Corey speeds up and becomes more forceful, his tool filling me up, making my insides quiver. I hear him smacking against my ass, and I am close to climaxing again.

“Don’t come until I tell you to,” the alpha male warns. Corey stops the quick rhythm and slows down again, this time going in circles. I have to let go of Castor to moan, to scream, I’m trying so hard not to burst into a million pieces.

But Castor has a different idea.

“Do not stop!” he growls, forcing my head down again and I suck him harder than I have yet. Corey is quickening his pace again and leans forward to stroke my nipple, and I can’t help but come again forcefully. Castor fills my mouth with his seed, moaning loudly and I swallow, while convulsing again. Corey leans forward and grabs my tits, pulling me back.

I hear him whisper in my ear.

“What did I say?” he rasps. Then, he spins me around, this time facing me. I’m breathing so hard; my toes are curling in. He lies me down on the pillow of the bed. It’s so hot. Every inch of me is wet and pulsing with need.

Castor tosses off his shirt and leans over on top of me, brushing his lips on my temple, on my neck, and then down between my breasts. His teeth tug on my nips, his tongue swirls them around. I moan, my back arching again, my pussy throbbing, wanting more. He goes down between my legs and parts them, biting my thighs.

Corey goes to my top and straddles my chest, kissing my lips harshly. He moves and bites my neck, saying, “Now, are we going to listen this time?”

“Y-yes, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.” I’m breathing so heavily, my heart is beating so fast, and there is need just pouring off of me.

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