As Castor begins licking my kitty, teasing me softly, Corey mounts my mouth and inserts his long shaft down my throat. Corey moans, and I begin running my hands up and down his thickness. My tongue swirls his tip, and I begin sucking the length of him. I feel so confident and sexual in this moment, something I’ve never felt at the same time. I’m excited to know exactly what makes these two men crazy. I love seeing their eyes roll back, their mouths part, trying not to let loose. It’s driving me wild.

Castor stops licking my pink slit and moves his hands to my hips, his thick tool entering me. I scream as his hardness fills me up, making me feel so stretched and full.

I’m sucking Corey and moaning while his hugeness throbs heavily in my mouth. Down below, Castor quickly eases himself inside as I moan deliriously around the meat between my lips.

“Mmmph,” I manage to vocalize. They double down and Corey starts moving in and out between my lips as Castor slides in and out of my kitty.

Corey looks down at me and mutters, “You wanna come, Ginny? You want to? You have to ask first.”

I’m taking his rod and Castor’s shaft and moaning and running my hands up and down, feeling him throbbing uncontrollably.

“Yes, please Corey, please let me come, please,” I moan between sucking him.

“You have to come with us,” he says as we all convulse together. Corey fills up my mouth and Castor fills my inside. Hot juices leak everywhere and I seize up with pleasure. Corey grabs my softness and runs his fingers over my nipples. My entire body arches and I shake, my toes curling, my hands in fists.

I scream, “HOLY SHIT!” and moan loudly. The two men also erupt with roars, filling me with their virile seed every which way. We pulse and strain together, barreling to that final peak before soaring over the edge.

Finally, the climax passes although I’m still shaking. Castor pulls out and Corey moves beside me, as I collapse on my side. They can see tears running down my face, and I feel momentarily ashamed, like I should be better at handling this. But Castor and Corey are instantly by my side, their arms around me, stroking my back and my hair.

I instantly let go and accept myself as they do. I feel incredible, like I’m invincible. I look up at them both, smiling shyly.

“Wow, that was wonderful,” I breathe heavily, my heart still pounding. They lie beside me and agree.

Corey grins at me with a wink.

“Are you ready for more, sweet girl?”

My heart pulses as my body throbs. Am I ready for more with these two OTT alpha males?



I can’t believe I’ve gotten through this entire week. How is one supposed to have life-changing amazing sex, and continue living one’s life like nothing happened? I haven’t told anybody about Castor or Corey, not even Micky. I like having my little secret to carry around. However, it’s been absolute torture walking around with it and not being able to talk about it every second of every day, because that’s all I really want to do.

It’s all I think about, and all I dream about. Why did no one tell me before that being with two men could be that good? Corey and Castor were so respectful, so careful, and yet made me feel like a little sex kitten. I really can’t wait to see them again, and finally, today is the day.

I have to go back to Your Best Image to view the stills that we took. When I got home that night Micky asked me how the photo shoot went, and I completely forgot that it had even happened. I looked at her dumbly saying, “What? Oh, yeah, fine. It was good actually.” I brushed back my hair with one hand looking away, but I could tell my best friend had questions. But I decided to ignore Micky. A girl needs her rest, and I got in the shower and re-lived every moment, finally getting out and sleeping better than I ever had.

The rest of the week has been so dull, but I’ve been happier than I ever was with Xavier, and it’s actually a problem. I tried to study for finals but it was hopeless because I couldn’t concentrate. I’d get distracted thinking about the two photographers and then feel hot all over and have to end my studies. Needless to say, I’ve googled both Corey and Castor multiple times now, trying to find any detail I can about them. There was the Your Best Image website, but it was mind-numbingly professional. They graduated from blah blah blah, they have been in the business for blah blah blah years. I want more. I want to know everything about these two gorgeous alpha males.