I’ve sketched both of them a million times, outlining their perfect jawlines while drawing every detail of their sculpted abs. I was beginning to think I made the whole thing up in my mind, that I just created them to make myself feel better after the break up. Were they actually just gods, sent here to make me happy? Were they vampires that seduced me, making me forget all the little details?

But, I have reminders, like the bite necks on my thighs and the aching deep inside of me. I feel so blissful to be wanted by not one but two beautiful men. I could tell that Corey and Castor wanted to please me, but that I was also pleasing them just as much in return. It’s a completely new feeling to me, and something that I want to recapture.

Finally, I’m going to see them again today. I prepared by showering thoroughly this morning and doing my hair and make-up subtly. I wanted to be my best for them, but my real self, not my boudoir self.

Something inside of me tells me that Corey and Castor want to know my real self, too. They didn’t treat me like I was some sex toy to be thrown away after use. In fact, I don’t think they would have tried anything at all if I didn’t seem so into it. And I was into it a lot.

I get in my car and drive to Your Best Image, parking in the same spot I had last time. It’s amazing how much can change in one week. Yet, I still appreciate the warm spring air and the beautiful sunset. I think back and consider that I never really noticed or appreciated these things when I was with Xavier. He stole all of the beauty from the world, making things dull and gray. I don’t miss that douche at all.

I get out of the car and note that I’m not nervous this time, only excited to see my two men. I close my car door and smooth my long spring jacket, walking quickly inside.

Olivia greets me at the receptionist’s desk and I blush a little, wondering if she heard us last time. If so, she makes no indication and smiles warmly at me. Thank god she’s acting normal.

“Hi Ginny, welcome back! It’s so good to see you again.” The woman smiles genuinely at me and walks around from the desk, giving me a hug. “How did your shoot go last week? Corey and Castor seemed genuinely pleased with it, even mentioning that a few of the snaps are award-quality. How about that?” Her eyes sparkle, like she can’t wait to share this news with me.

I smile back, elated.

“They said that? Wow, I honestly can’t even believe it. The shoot was so fun though, and you were right. They are real professionals. They know exactly what they’re doing! I was so impressed with Castor’s lighting and props, and Corey is soooo good at getting the best angles.” I feel like I’m raving like a lunatic now, just wanting to talk about how amazing they both are.

“Right, exactly. But it takes a good subject to be photographed in an award-winning way. Seriously, they’ve never said that about any of our other models before. You’re really one of a kind,” she says with a wink. I smile at her, unbelieving, blushing at her compliment.

“Well, now I am extremely intrigued,” I murmur.

The receptionist glances down for a moment, and then looks back up, her eyes a little vague but still sparkly.

“Oh, Castor and Corey are ready for you to review your photos, so you can go ahead back and take a look for yourself.” A look of approval and awe is in her eyes, and I give her another hug, glad that I found another genuine female in my life.

“Thank you!” I open the thick red door and smile brightly when I see the two handsome photographers waiting for me. They’re insanely gorgeous, and I go hot just being in their presence.

“Hey, you!” Castor walks over and gives me a hug first. I laugh, filled with happiness.

Corey walks over too.

“How’ve you been, Ginny?” he murmurs and kisses me on my cheek. I blush, my hand instinctively touching where his lips skated over my skin.

“I’ve been really good. It’s great to see guys, and I can’t wait to see the pictures!” I look at the computer screen next to the photography set-up, eager to see how they turned out. Castor grabs my hand and walks me over to the bank of monitors.

“Sweetheart, these pics are amazing. Just wait until you see them.” He grabs the mouse and starts scrolling through the frames like a pro. I am shocked at how good they turned out. I look so sexy; they weren’t just hyping me up. It dawns on me that they really do think I’m attractive, even given my curves.

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