While helping herself to some broccoli beef, Ginny smiles conspiratorially.

“Oh my god, this is so good. But you guys know so much about me already. Now, it’s time to talk about you.”

I grin at her while spooning some sweet and sour soup.

“Sure, honey. Shoot. We’re open books.”

She smiles again, and takes a deep breath.

“So do you guys always have threesomes? Is this a thing for you guys?” she asks, a little nervous.

It’s unsurprising to get this question. I can tell Ginny’s wanted to ask this question for a long time, and Corey answers deliberately.

“No, not always. We’ve had our own girlfriends in the past. But lately, yes, we have been doing a lot of sharing. Not many, mind you, and not all the time. But we enjoy sharing a sweet, sensuous woman.”

I throw in my two cents.

“Right. We love women. We adore them actually. We want the woman to be as happy as possible, and we feel we have a greater chance of achieving that if we work together.” I smile tentatively. A part of me hopes that she understands how much we only want her right now, though I know it’s way too early to confess our attraction.

Ginny blushes, tucking a curl behind her ear.

“I have to admit, I’m like being with both of you guys simultaneously. Is it bad to say that? It sounds so dirty, but I love being with you. You make me feel so special and sexy. You make me feel things that I’ve never felt before, that I never even knew I could feel. You know exactly what to say and what to do. You’re both gorgeous as all hells, and make me feel so delightful and desirable.”

She trails off as she leans forward and kisses me on the lips. I smile into her kiss, and open her mouth with my tongue. I lick her lips, and our tongues meet. She grabs my hair with both hands and pulls, straddling me on the chair. I gasp as she unzips my jeans and turns to look at Corey.

“What do you want me to do to Castor, Corey?” she whispers sexily as she looks up through her eyelashes.

“I want you to take him into yourself, and then I want you to take me,” he growls. My buddy walks over to Ginny and puts a hand on her back, undoing her jeans and sliding them off. He runs a hand down her stomach and she groans as his hands slide down her pussy.

“You’re so wet already, sweetheart. So perfect. Now ride him,” he orders, and she slides up my boxers and reveals my thickness. She gasps at seeing it again, already hard and throbbing. She bends and puts it in her mouth, savoring the taste and licking it up and down. Finally, she stands and straddles me once more, allowing my hard rod to enter her.

She moans loudly, “Oh fuck Castor” and I can see the pleasure roll through her eyes. I join her, grunting, moving rhythmically as Corey pulls her hair back. He slaps her ass and she yelps, and I’m on the verge of coming already.

“I want you to make him come, and then I want you to make me come, and then I want you to come Ginny,” my friend rasps hoarsely while watching us move up and down. She moans and screams as I fill her up and she takes me in even deeper and suddenly I go rigid, erupting inside of her, and she stifles a moan.

“Fuck Castor, damn, Corey I want you so bad.” The curvy girl is panting, and then she climbs off of me, getting on all fours in front Corey. She unzips his pants and pulls them off along with his boxers, revealing his throbbing hardness. She puts it in her mouth, and I can see that he’s already dripping with need. He moans a little, and she pulls him down and pushes him to the floor.

She gets on top and slowly eases his shaft inside her, making little circles with her pelvis. He groans.

“Goddamn!” is my friend’s elated gasp. Ginny goes faster, letting him fill her up, feeling every inch of him inside of her. I imagine her insides quivering, her toes curling, and I can see he’s on the brink too. I lean behind her stroking her hair, biting her neck from behind, getting hot watching her lose control. They go even faster, and both of them reach climax at the same time, screaming out and convulsing.

My hands are on Ginny’s back and running through her hair, feeling her heart beating a million miles a minute, feeling her sweat on every inch of her. We’re all together in a heap on the floor, arms and legs tangled, and I’ve never been happier in my life. Is this what blackmail feels like? Because if so, then I’m happy to blackmail the curvy girl for the rest of her life.

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