I drive home and think of nothing but how mixed up I feel. On the one hand, I can’t believe that I’m with Corey and Castor. They make me feel so whole, like I don’t need to change anything about me. All they want is my happiness, and they make me feel like I’m a priority, if not their number one priority.

But on the other, there’s this whole blackmail thing. They own my body. They possess every curve, and just showed me how they want to dominate every inch until I’m sore and achy all over.

Yet I feel something for these two men despite the unconventional situation, and it’s the most marvelous thing. I can’t stop smiling, thinking of our time together, and of hopeful future opportunities to hang out together. I’ve never felt so wanted before, or worthy of such affection. They take my needs into consideration, and seem to really value my opinion. Who knew men like that existed?

Plus, I never thought I would be the type to make love to two men at once. I’m a shy person by nature, and yet now, I’ve taken naughty photos and let myself be owned by handsome alpha males all over. It’s nothing like I imagined, and yet everything I’ve ever wanted. I am glad I let myself grow. Otherwise, I might never have found the two best things that have ever happened to me.

I get to my dorm and I’m brimming with happiness. I know this time I want to tell Micky, but how much should I say? It’s such an odd development in my life. I decide I have to say something, but I’m not going to get into the details too much.

I unlock my door and find Micky and Xavier standing in the kitchen. I’m completely caught off guard at seeing my ex, and my mood instantly drops. You’ve got to be kidding me. What is he doing here?

“Hey Ginny. Uh, I tried to call you…but anyways, I really have to go to the library to study. Call me if you need me.” Micky grabs her bag and sprints out the door before I can even say anything.

I’m left in silence with my ex.

“Hi Ginny. Wow, you look amazing.” Xavier looks me up and down. “Your hair looks different. I really like it.” He gazes at me and I look away, confused and annoyed. My hair looks different because I’ve been properly made love to, something that he was never really good at. I wish Xavier would just go away.

“Thanks. Is everything okay? I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

I ask mostly because I want to know what the hell he’s doing here, but then I take an actual good look at him for the first time. Xavier looks awful, like he hasn’t eaten or showered in days. His shirt and pants are unwashed, and his hair is greasy. He lets out a long sigh at my question, and wilts a bit.

“What a funny question because nothing is okay. I’m so sorry for what happened, Ginny. I was a complete asshole to you. I made such a mistake with Courtney. I barely even see her because she’s always working out or at soccer practice.”

I stare at him, unspeaking, and he continues babbling.

“Just because she’s some star player doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants. It’s like soccer is her whole life. What the hell? I mean, I play soccer too, so I know how difficult it is to balance school, social life and studies, but still. I don’t want to date some woman who places her fitness over me.”

This spiel is so shocking that I’m staring open-mouthed at him now, but Xavier doesn’t notice. He continues with his rant.

“I’ve realized that I don’t want to date a super-athlete, Gin. I just want to date someone normal. Someone like you.” He looks at me, expecting a response. My jaw snaps shut. This is my opportunity, and I want to use it wisely, even as my head whirls. Slowly, I choose my words.

“What I’m hearing is that you’re super unsupportive of Courtney’s career, insecure about your own career, and you expect me to clean up your mess.”

I laugh a little: at him, and at myself. I would have never been this confident a few weeks ago. But now, I can see right through Xavier, down to his insecurities. He’s such a pathetic little man, and I’m honestly disappointed that I ever dated him.

“What are you talking about?” Xavier demands. He stomps his foot and pouts, reminding me of a toddler. I take a deep breath, preparing to deliver the hard truth.

“You can’t stand the fact that Courtney might be a better soccer player than you. Not just that, but she knows how to dedicate herself to something, and you really don’t. She’s an actual star in the making, and you might be an okay soccer player, but you’ll never be a supernova like she is. So basically, I think you’re feeling threatened by a woman and turning to me for reassurance.”

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