I’m just closing my textbook when Castor and Corey call me. As soon as I see their number on my cell my stomach does flips and my heart skips a beat. I’d been checking my phone all day, not wanting to bother them but mentally begging them to call. I feel like a teenager again.

“Hey sweetheart. How are you?” Corey growls into the receiver. I can hear the excitement in his voice.

“Hey, I’m really well. I miss you guys,” I blurt before I can stop myself. Oh my god, I’m not supposed to say that! I’m a blackmail victim, not some stupid girl mooning for them. Yet it’s been exactly one day and I miss them so much that my body aches.

I hear Castor chuckle.

“Miss us much, sweetheart? We tried to wait to call, you know, to be smooth. But really, we just want to see you.”

My eyes are brimming with happy tears; I smile and laugh joyfully.

“Do you guys want to grab some food then? I just finished studying and I could really use some nourishment.”

The alpha male chuckles.

“We would love that. Text us your address, and we’ll pick you up in twenty. See you soon, sweetheart,” Corey hangs up the phone and I shiver with excitement because a part of me was worried that I had made this whole thing up in my head. After all, who really takes naughty photos like the ones I did? Who really gets blackmailed by her photographers? It’s almost like some fever dream that I just made up.

I start getting ready, changing from my sweats to a nice cream colored blouse and black jeans. I make sure my hair looks good, and am just about to walk out the door when Micky walks in.

“Hey Gin, I feel like I’ve hardly seen you lately. How did everything go with Xavier?” she inquires with a raised eyebrow. “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to give you any warning. He just kind of showed up and wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried to do.”

I smile, feeling at peace with the whole situation.

“It was fine. He wanted me back, but whatever. What a loser. I can’t believe I ever dated him.”

My friend nods.

“Yeah, that guy’s really a piece of work. But let me guess. You said no in part because there’s someone else in the picture now?” My friend smiles, and I can tell she’s wanted to ask this for a couple of days.

I grin.

“Yes, yes there is. Okay, so don’t judge me, alright? You have to promise first.” I want to tell her about Corey and Castor so much, but let’s face it. My new romance is a little off the wall.

“I promise! Tell me!” My pretty friend drops her bags on the couch and puts her hands on her hips, all senses alert. I take a deep breath.

“Okay, so I’m sort of seeing these guys that run the photo studio that I went to.” I pause, letting her process that information. Her brow crinkles.

“The boudoir shots you mean?” she asks.

“Yep,” is my reply. “Those guys.”

Micky looks confused.

“Wait a minute, so there’s more than one guy?” She raises her eyebrows in question, completely astonished. I take another deep breath.

“Yeah, there are two. They’re both professional photographers, and they run the studio together. To be honest, they’re the nicest, most thoughtful men I’ve ever met. Not to mention they’re drop dead gorgeous and absolutely beautiful. I don’t know Mick. I think I could really be falling for them.” I can’t help but smile thinking about Castor and Corey. All I want to do when I’m not with them is talk about them, and now I’m finally able to, which is a huge relief. It feels like the dam has finally burst.

Micky looks a little skeptical but smiles.

“Wow, this is some news. Gin, I never would have guessed this would happen to you. I mean, just a little while back, you were really broken up about Xavier.”

I smile wryly.

“I know because Xavier did a total trip on me. That guy messed me up and tried to manipulate me in so many ways, but no more.”

Micky still looks a little thoughtful.

“Yeah, but don’t you think this new situation is a little weird? I mean, I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but don’t you think it’s a teeny-tiny eensie-weensie bit weird? After all, think about it. These two guys run a studio where they invite pretty young women in to do sexy photo shoots. They hook up with their model. She’s a vulnerable college student with nary a penny to her name. She looks up to them. Doesn’t that sound a little bit sketchy?”

I frown.

“I guess when you put it that way, but honestly, it’s not like that. Castor and Corey didn’t make me do anything. They could get anyone they want, and they wanted me!”

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