“That’s such an unfamiliar feeling for me – to be wanted. Xavier, my ex, never made me feel that way. Actually, I have a story to tell you two about him. You might lose your appetite because Xavier is such a piece of work, but I promise, it’s worth it.” She laughs a little under her breath and looks down at her feet.

“Don’t keep us waiting,” I drawl, even as my heart races. What is she going to reveal about her ex? Does it have something to do with her distracted state in the car?

The curvy girl pulls her hands away from Castor, brushing her curls behind her shoulders.

“So when I got back to my dorm from the photo studio the last time, I found Xavier waiting for me in my living room. Trust me, I was as shocked as you two look right now.” She laughs and pauses, sipping her water.

“He gave me all this bullshit about how he made such a mistake breaking up with me, and he told me that the girl he’s with – that, mind you, he chose over me – doesn’t pay him enough attention.” She’s laughing harder now, like she can’t believe what an idiot he is. That’s exactly what I’m thinking, too.

“Did you tell him?” I drawl, my eyebrow raised. “He sounds like a narcissist, to be honest.”

Ginny nods.

“You bet I gave him a piece of my mind. I told him to go away and added a few more choice words, and then he started crying. With tears, like an actual baby.” She smiles and rolls her eyes. “I feel so relieved, to tell you the truth. Xavier was like an anchor that I had around my neck, and I feel so free and light without him. I’m way more confident and comfortable with myself, and a lot of it is thanks to you two.” She’s blushing now and I can see tears in her eyes. She takes Castor’s hands and mine in her own, and squeezes them gratefully.

“Ginny, that was just about the best story I’ve ever heard.” Castor chuckles too. “What an asswipe of an ex. Good riddance.”

“Agreed. I swear, if I ever saw this boy in person, he’d really get it.” My blood is pumping just thinking about how he treated her. What is it with guys who take their anxieties out on women? It’s downright cowardly and makes me see red.

Ginny smiles like this pleases her, and I put my arm around her shoulders possessively. Seriously, if I ever meet this Xavier person, I’m going to pound him into the ground. But at that moment, the server arrives and we have to pause the conversation. After she leaves, we turn to a different topic.

“So sweetheart, how does it feel to be almost at the finish line? You’re getting your degree soon, right?” Castor asks.

She smiles.

“It feels great, and yet so scary. I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment, but I don’t have a job lined up or anything. I’m definitely going out into the great unknown, and I really don’t want to fail.” She sighs, looking out the window again.

I slide a big hand over hers.

“Hey, it’s okay. That’s how you should feel graduating college. But let it be more excitement than fear because you have so much ahead of you. You’re only getting started, and I know you’re going to do something great.” She looks over at me as I say this, and we make eye contact. I hope she can see that I truly mean it. I think Ginny is amazing and can accomplish whatever she sets her heart to.

The food arrives and we devour our meals. It’s so nice to see Ginny eat like a real person, as opposed to the women who seem to survive on air and water. The curvy girl, by contrast, finishes her meal and tastes both of ours.

“Hey, does anyone want some dessert?” She smiles at us, and we agree. Of course we do. She orders a rum cake, and we all smile at each other, feeling comfortable in each other’s company.

Castor and I glance at each other as Ginny gets up to use the restroom. She brushes my shoulder as she walks by and winks at Castor. Once the curvy girl has disappeared, I turn to my friend.

“So, you’re thinking that now’s the time, right?” I look at Castor and try to read his expression, hoping that he agrees with me.

He nods pensively.

“She seems so happy with us. At least, I think so. I really want to, so yes. What do we have to lose, after all?” He exhales and chuckles, trying to make light of it.

“Agreed. Let’s take this leap. I have to admit, I’m so much happier than I’ve been for a long time.”

“Me too. I’m glad we found her.” He says this as Ginny strolls back and sits in her seat.

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