“Don’t you remember when we had our first photo shoot together? You used the props in ways that neither of us had ever thought of. It was brilliant. You just didn’t realize your potential yet,” Castor reminded me.

“Hell, that hand mirror still gives me hard-ons,” joked Corey, and I tittered in reply. We sometimes still play with mirrors in bed, and I like showing them everything I’ve got from every angle.

But I demurred.

“Honestly, I always thought that I was nothing special, that maybe I wasn’t even as good as other people. You guys have truly made me realize that it isn’t true,” I said shyly.

The men shook their heads.

“We’ve been telling you that this whole time, sweetheart. You’re way more talented than anyone we’ve ever met, and to be honest, we wanted you to be our prop director, but we didn’t want to over step. We could really use someone like you for our shoots.”

I gasped. Were they serious? It seemed so, given the looks on their handsome faces.

“Really? You think that I’m that good?” Despite all my breakthroughs, I still couldn’t believe that they would really want me to work at Your Best Image.

Castor and Corey nodded solemnly.

“Seriously Ginny, it would be an honor. And not just because we love you. We think your talent is out of this world, and your skills could really take us to the next level.”

And that was that. My first couple weeks being a prop director was definitely a learning process, but it all came so natural to me. I’ve always had a tendency to design everything I come in contact with, so it makes sense that it’s led me here.

Plus, it’s so amazing to see how confident and beautiful we can make women feel while they get their photos taken. Many women come in shy and insecure, but they lose their protective shells after fifteen minutes with us. Castor and Corey are so good at coaxing the best out of them, and I help them to use props to tell their story. Every woman that comes in is so unique, and I want to make sure that her photos reflect that.

But the best part is that I found out that Xavier, my ex, is currently unemployed and living with his mom. Not only that, but he was recently arrested for some crime, and is waiting for his trial date. Of course I feel terrible for him, but it really doesn’t hurt to know that while he peaked in college as a soccer superstar, I am living my best life as an actual successful adult. Everything seems to be falling into place.

However, now I’m just a little bit worried about how I’m going to tell Corey and Castor my news. Don’t get me wrong; they’ve been abundantly clear with me that I can tell them anything that’s on my mind. But this new issue is different because it will affect us all tremendously.

I also haven’t shared this news yet out of a little bit of selfishness. I love how our relationship is right now, and I adore our life together. I love that after we all wake up together, Castor cooks us breakfast, and then we spend time together at work. We function so well as a team, and I enjoy every second of it. It seems like a lot of togetherness, but somehow, it works. There is absolutely nothing I would change.

And yet, my news. I’m scared of change. I try to look at the problem with an open mind, and realize that anything is possible. I’ve already accomplished more than I ever dreamed. Why can’t this be just another amazing, imaginative adventure?

But then again, what if Castor and Corey don’t want our life to change? What if they reject my news, and me, and ask me to do the unimaginable? I would absolutely die.

I take a deep breath, trying to calm my beating heart. I need to give my lovers more credit. They’ve only ever shown their support for me, and that’s what I need to remember.

“Hey Castor, hey Corey!” I call when they arrive home from work. They both went into the studio today, but I stayed home, telling them I had cramps. It wasn’t a complete lie, but it definitely wasn’t the whole truth either.

Our home is beautiful. The fancy dining room table is laid nicely. There are candles, and I set out our special china with the golden trim.

“Hey sweetheart,” growls Corey, eyeing the spread. “This is unexpected. What’s the occasion?”

I smile.

“I just felt like making dinner. I hope you like what I’ve prepared.”

Castor raises an eyebrow.

“Is it prime rib? Because you are so good with beef, sweetheart.”

I laugh at his double entendre, the sound like a tinkling melody.

“I am, aren’t I?” I sass, heading to the kitchen. “Especially when there are two meaty cuts. Take a seat, and I’ll bring the food out!”

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