I begin setting up the cameras and different lenses as Castor sets up the lighting and my mind starts to wander. I wonder where Ginny came from, and what her story is. I can see in her eyes there’s depth there. It makes me want to learn all about her, and to know everything she is thinking.

I imagine myself running my fingers through Ginny’s bouncy, curly hair and squeezing her curvy, vivacious hips. I would make sure she knew just how special she is. I’ve never seen anyone like her before, and she deserves to be treated like a queen.

It isn’t always like this; I don’t get easily aroused by my clients. It has happened before, but very rarely, and never instantly as it has with Ginny. She seems innocent, but I can tell that she isn’t. She’s just unsure of herself, and I really want to help her change that.

Unfortunately, I know this woman probably has a boyfriend. I always read the “reason or occasion for photo shoot” line before meeting my clients, so I can get a grasp on what to expect. The “occasion” Ginny listed was “anniversary.” I already know what that means because a lot of women like to give their SO’s naughty photos as an anniversary gift.

Judging from that one word though, I guess that she’s shy about these things. But then again, from the briefest of interactions so far I can see she has some humor in her, but also that there isn’t much self-confidence. It seems as though she really doesn’t believe she can be sexy, like maybe she booked this photo shoot as a joke. If only I could show her just how sexy she was, and just how much I wanted her at first sight. God, my cock is throbbing just thinking about her in that lacey lingerie, her confidence brimming. I bring my hand down to my jeans to smooth it out, and it’s at that moment that she walks from the dressing room. Oops.

Pushing away the curtain, Ginny comes out looking like the sexiest woman on the planet. Whatever I just imagined did absolutely no justice to this perfection. Her boobs are spilling out of her purple lace bra, her dark nipples hard. I can almost see right through her matching lace panties and I have to look away as I feel my rod throbbing. Her sheer thigh highs and stilettos accentuate her curves and I cannot wait to begin capturing her beauty on film. She begins blushing from our stares, but honestly, we can’t help it.

“Wow. You look beautiful, Ginny.” I can’t stop smiling at her. Her hair, her face, her body. God, I feel like a little boy. She has really taken over both my mind and body. She looks down at the floor like she can’t accept my compliment.

“Ginny, you’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen,” growls Castor. My friend says this like it’s simply a fact, so she better believe it. He always was the smooth one. She blushes and nods, brushing a curl behind her ear.

“Thank you, I really feel beautiful. Um, so, where do we start?” I can hear her voice shaking, and all I want to do is wrap my arms around her and make her feel safe. That, and make her scream my name.

“Now that we can see what look you’re going for, we want to show you all of the different lighting options you have. We also have a collection of props that can be used in various way.” I smile as I say this, thinking about all of the dirty things she could do with those props.

Castor directs her to the computer screen and demonstrates the various shades, hues, and colors we can do when it comes to lighting. Unlike most of our clients, she seems to know a lot about this and decides in a flash on exactly what she wants.

“You have so many variations of colors and color patterns, I’m honestly impressed! I would have never thought a place like this would take such things into consideration.” She stops immediately after saying this, getting red. Obviously, Ginny’s just realized how those words could come across. But I laugh because it’s difficult to offend us.

“No, you’re right. Most places that do boudoir photo shoots don’t take lighting into consideration. That’s why we consider ourselves different, and more professional even. We pull out all the stops to provide a clients with a good experience.” After all, I’m proud of the business we made, and I know Castor is too.

Ginny bites her lips and looks ashamed.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you’re not professionals. That was a stupid comment. Obviously, you guys take your craft seriously, and you’re good at it. Olivia told me you’ve even won some awards in the past?”

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