She’s blushing still, looking down at her stilettos, clearly a bit uncomfortable, and I try to put her at ease.

“That’s true. We have won some awards, and we hope to someday move out of this warehouse and build a huge space that allows for different studios. Though boudoir photos are our specialty, we wouldn’t mind branching out into other areas of photography as well. Mostly, we love women and we find them outstandingly beautiful. So, capturing that beauty and in turn letting themselves see that beauty is what we’re all about.”

Castor smiles at Ginny warmly, and I can see her starting to light back up.

“That’s so amazing. I’ve never heard of anything like that. I love your mission, and I’m so glad to be a part of it.” She smiles at both of us, conveying the message that she really means it.

“We’re so glad you’re a part of it too. Here, let me show you what we have in the prop department. I’ll warn you though, it’s a little overwhelming.” I wink at her and nudge her shoulder, and a spike of electricity runs down my arm, straight into each of my fingers. I feel it in my heart even. This girl affects me way more than I ever imagined she could.

We walk over to a large wooden chest, and I lift the lid. Ginny gasps upon seeing the contents.

“Oh my gosh,” she whispers. “Do you really use all these?”

She rifles through before pulling out a black feather boa, a tiara, a flower vase, and a handheld mirror.

“We sure do use everything. Those are great choices,” I remark. “Especially the mirror.”

She throws a saucy glance at me.

“Yeah, but it depends on how you use it, right?”

Castor chuckles in back of us.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Let’s see how imaginative you can get.”

She giggles, and sets the props on a table next to the bed. Though I can see she’s getting more relaxed and comfortable, she’s still a bit nervous, but we plan on making her feel relaxed shortly.

Castor directs her to mount the king-size.

“We’ll begin over here. You can start by lounging on the bed. We can help direct you, though I’m not sure how much you’ll need it.” He grabs Ginny’s hand and walks her over to the bed, helping her to lie down gently. She’s still breathing heavily, and seeing them together makes me feel hot. It’s like the blood going through my veins is a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.

She lays her beautiful head on the pillows and I take a few practice shots. I can tell she is nervous because she isn’t confident on where to put her hands or what to do with her legs. I watch as her chest heaves, her breathing heavy.

“Try putting your arm above your head. Extend your leg a bit, point your toe. Give me a smolder; look at me like you’re going to break my heart. Like you’re going to please me, give me everything I could desire, and then leave me.” She laughs a little but does as I say, listening intently. I love that she takes direction so easily.

Castor adjusts the lighting and I begin taking the real shots. Watching her through the camera, gradually, I see a very shy, unsure woman transform into a confidence-filled sex goddess. She knows just what to do with her beautiful features; her eyes gleam and her mouth pouts, teasing me, as if she knows exactly what I want. Her arms move and pose gracefully around her face, her legs strike each angle like she’s rehearsed this moment for months.

“Yes baby, that’s perfect. Yes! You are perfect. I’m sure your boyfriend is going to appreciate these.” I can’t help but encourage her, and she smiles proudly at each word, until the last one.

“My boyfriend? What?” She stops posing and looks up, genuinely confused.

“You wrote that you were getting these done for your boyfriend, because it’s your anniversary. Or was I wrong?” I stammer a little now, hoping that she doesn’t see how obsessed I am already.

“Oh. I forgot I wrote that. Yeah, I did have a boyfriend. He sort of broke up with me – for another woman, actually. So these photos are for me alone.”

Relief flushes my chest, although it shouldn’t.

“That’s brilliant, I love it. It’s an even better reason. We love women who speak to their own inner goddess.” I grin at her, incapable of holding my happiness from that answer inside. I would never, ever mess with her if I knew she currently had a boyfriend. I’ve been on the other side of that, as has Castor, and we know how betrayal feels.

Ginny smiles again.

“How does this look?” She turns around and sticks her ass out, looking at the camera from over her shoulder. I gasp at her remarkably round ass, and am at a loss for words. I have never seen anything so perfect.