Page 11 of Virgin Next Door

Kissing her neck, he wrapped his arms around her.

He was never affectionate with the other women he fucked. Ann was already different. Even though they had a vague agreement in place for no commitments, it didn’t mean for a second she knew what it truly entailed.

Kissing her, he tried to calm his dick, which pulsed from the tightness of her heat.

“Ouch,” she said. “I knew it was going to … I didn’t expect … that.”

“I’ve got you.”

“You don’t have to stay still. I’m not expecting you to, you know, stop.”

He lifted up and he saw tears in her eyes. “I’m going to wait for you.”


“This is your first time and it’s what you deserve. I can’t guarantee it’s going to be the best moment but I can tell you, you won’t forget tonight—but not for any wrong reason.”

“Have you done this a lot?”

“Take a virgin? No.”



“A little. I guess I figured you were experienced.”

“I’m not saying I’m not, Ann. What I’m saying is I’ve never had a virgin. I know how to make a woman feel good, and I’ll have you coming on my cock in no time. For now, just relax. Let your body adjust to mine.”

“I can feel how hard you are,” she said. “Does it hurt?”

“No, not in the way you think. It’s incredible, really. I like it.”


Her cheeks turned an even darker shade of red. “You know, seeing you blush won’t ever get old.”

She chuckled. “I don’t know why I’m embarrassed. It could have something to do with the fact we’re talking while you’re inside me, and well, I doubt you had many women who wanted a full-blown conversation midway through sex.”

“How about we agree not to talk about any of my previous partners? I’m not comparing you. I will never compare you, and it’s only us here, right now, at this moment. Do you think you can do that?”

She smiled. “I’d love to.”

“Good, because there’s nothing else I’m interested in than to know you’re ready for me to fuck you.”

Chapter Four

She was a virgin no more.

Ann looked at her reflection in the mirror, trying to see if there was any sign of what just happened.

She wasn’t a virgin.

Not even a little bit.

Eli had taken care of the condom and she’d excused herself to use the bathroom. He’d only let her go after he’d taken care of her virgin blood. He was also dealing with the sheets.

He had a caring nature about him. She wondered if he even realized it.

Shaking the thoughts from her mind, she tried not to think. It was impossible not to, though.

Pushing some of her hair off her face, she looked at herself. There was nothing different. Sure, her lips were swollen, and she had kiss marks on her neck and her breasts. Between her thighs was tender, but she couldn’t see any other change. No miraculous moment that declared her as a woman.

“Are you going to keep looking in the mirror all night?” Eli asked.

She turned to find him leaning up against the doorframe, still naked. His cock was flaccid, and he didn’t try to hide himself. Not that there was any reason to hide. He was … well-endowed. She’d had him inside her.

“No, sorry.”

“What are you looking for?” he asked, coming to step up behind her.


He chuckled. “Let me guess, you want to know if you can tell you’ve been well and truly fucked?”

“I … I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Well, I can see it. Your body is a dead giveaway, but it’s your eyes. They’re bigger, more aware. You know what you can have, and it turns you on. Am I wrong?”

“You’re not wrong.”

He smiled.

She gasped as she watched his hands come up, holding her tits. She leaned back against him and his cock began to stir at her back.

“Now, you’re going to be sore, Ann. Do you want me to show you more, or would you like to wait?”

“I don’t want you to stop.”

“Good.” He held her as he stepped back from the mirror. “Touch your pussy for me.”


“You heard me. Touch your pussy. I want to watch you.”

She looked at him in their reflection.

His hands on her breasts. His gaze on her.

She slid her hand between her thighs and this time, he groaned. “You tasted so good. Do you know I’m going to spend a lot of time thinking about your pussy on my face?”

“Eli,” she said.

“Do you want me to stop talking dirty to you?”

“No.” She liked it, a lot more than she thought was possible.

“Good, because I wasn’t going to stop. I like to say it like it is, Ann. Your body was made for a cock. My cock. Now shove a finger inside yourself. Let’s see how wet you are.”

She did as he asked, expecting to feel pain, but it didn’t hurt. There was a slight soreness but nothing too horrible.