His nostrils flare as he takes in my heels—my Vegas heels—because of course I couldn’t spend all night thinking about him and not wear these shoes today. “I didn’t,” he says, as his hand slides behind my neck.

“I’m sorry. Didn’t wha—” His mouth crushes down on mine and his hands slide up my sides to my ribs, his thumbs skimming my breasts.

I kiss him back hard and tug his shirt from his pants, considering and dismissing the unlikely possibility of someone seeing us through the picture window. I’ve wanted this since that first time he walked into my office, and now that I can take it, I don’t let rational thought deter me.

He tears his mouth from mine and kisses his way to my ear. “I went to sleep wanting you. I woke up wanting you.”

I palm him through his jeans, and he thrusts his hips forward, pressing into my touch. “Same,” I whisper.

He unties the bow on my dress but parts the fabric slowly, kissing his way down each additional inch of exposed skin. His mouth is open, wet, and hot—between my breasts, over the swell of each, across each nipple. When he reaches my waist, he circles my navel with his tongue and the dress falls to the floor. The muscles between my legs clench in anticipation.

He drops to his knees and his gaze zeroes in on my sex, covered only in the sheer white material of my panties. He licks his lips and hooks a finger at each hip before guiding them down my thighs.

He cups me with a firm palm between my thighs, and my legs shake as I step apart to keep my balance. “On the desk.” His voice is gruff, thick with lust, and I don’t dare ignore the command. I don’t want to.

I push a pile of paperwork to the side and hoist myself onto the big walnut desk and reach for him, but he shakes his head and takes a seat in my chair. He parts my thighs with his hands. “This is mine today. I’m not waiting another minute to taste you again.”

With the first stroke of his tongue over me, I have to bite back a moan, and a little whimper escapes instead.

Turning his head, he presses a firm kiss to the inside of my thigh. “Can you be quiet for me, baby? Let me have this?”

“Yes,” I whisper, then I have to bite my lip again because he’s sweeping his tongue over my clit, and I’m so sensitive that I tremble beneath his mouth, my hips making jerky little thrusts I can’t quite control.

“Stop holding back,” he growls. “I want to feel you unleashed.” This time when he lowers his mouth back down, he slides a finger inside me. He moves in and out, adding another finger and fucking me with his hand as he sucks and licks my clit and the tender skin all around where his fingers are buried inside me.

I’m right on the edge, so close to coming when he lifts his head and withdraws his fingers.

“Not yet, baby. Hold on.” Standing, he unbuckles his belt. He reaches for his back pocket, grabs a condom, and tears the wrapper. I shove down his jeans, freeing his cock, my mouth watering, my body desperate.

Sitting, I stare down at where he’s sliding the latex over his shaft. I hook a foot behind each of his powerful thighs and tug him closer. I’ve never needed anything as much as I need him inside me.

He grips my hips hard. “Lean back.”

I obey and prop myself up on my hands to watch as he guides himself to my entrance and slowly drives home. My body clenches tight around him. I’m right on the edge, but I need more. I reach between my legs and find my clit, circling it with two fingers.

Marston’s hips jerk and his gaze is glued to where our bodies are joined, where my fingers are working. “Fuck, that’s hot. Do it, baby. Touch yourself for me.”

His fingers dig harder into my hips, and I savor each spot of near pain. He drives faster and harder into me and I rub myself until— “Mars!”

He pulls me up fast, crushing my chest to his, and his mouth crashes down over mine right as my orgasm hits in a bolt of pleasure that races hot and powerful down my spine.

He nips and sucks at my lips as the last waves of pleasure roll over me. “So beautiful. So sexy,” he murmurs against my mouth. “I want you like this every fucking day. Forever.”

* * *


Pissed. That’s the only word for the way I felt when I found out that Julian kicked out Brinley and Cami without any notice. I wanted to find the sonofabitch and give him a lesson or two about what happens to guys who treat women like that, but luckily, Smithy was there and talked me down.

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