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“You have my word.”

He had spoken the words so swiftly Pippi couldn’t help feeling just the tiniest bit…giddy, and the realization filled her with both terror and awe at the same time. Am I doing the right thing here, God?

Her gaze returned to Acheron, taking in the proud, beautiful lines of his face, and she felt even more overwhelmed.

Acheron saw hesitation flicker in her eyes, and he said fiercely, “I’m not lying.” He slowly reached for her, a part of him already expecting her to refuse his touch…but she didn’t, and his chest tightened as she let him pull her towards him. “You’re the only one for me, Pippilotta Jones.”

Their bodies touched, the contact making him suck in his breath, and Pippi gasped. But it was the naked truth in his eyes that made her whole being melt —

“Say you believe me, mikrí mou.”

Her eyes stung at the enormity of what he was asking, but deep down inside her, she already knew that what he was asking for had already been his the moment he showed up dressed like a cop at her doorstep.

“I do.” Her smile was tremulous, but her soft, firm voice rang with sincerity. “I trust you, Acheron.”

The sound of his name on her lips was more potent than any aphrodisiac, and a shudder ran over Acheron’s powerful frame. “Goddammit, Pippi.” Sexual tension underlined the muttered words, and he couldn’t stop himself from tightening his hold on her waist. “Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

“Probably the same thing you’re doing to me,” she admitted with a smile that was half shy, half impish, and one hundred percent designed to drive him crazy with lust.

Ah, fuck it.

Chapter 11

Pippi watched wide-eyed as Acheron slowly placed a finger over his lips. Don’t speak.

She barely managed a nod when his fingers drove through the locks of her hair, pulling her head back just as his mouth lowered down to hers.


She felt him pulling her lower lip between his teeth, and her eyes closed as he began to suck. Everything he did felt so good. Everything! There was something about his touch that made her knees go instantly weak but empowered her at the same time. In his arms, she was free from all fears and inhibitions, and when she felt him lift her up, she didn’t even hesitate to lock her legs around his waist. His belt buckle scraped against the soft crotch of her slacks, and the friction had her inner folds slowly getting creamy with moisture. She unthinkingly pressed closer, her legs tightening, and Acheron growled against her mouth.

“Stop that,” he warned her in a low, rough voice. The way she was grinding against his crotch as he carried her to the opposite end of the room was fast decimating his control.

“I d-don’t think I can.”

A soft, tremulous admission, accentuated by the continuous rubbing of her crotch against his hardness, destroyed all of his good intentions. Fuck taking things slow. Ignoring her gasp as he abruptly lowered her to her feet, he pushed her against the wall and drove his tongue deeper into her mouth.

She whimpered, but the sound was of longing rather than fear. Her mind shut down, leaving her to respond as her wanton body wanted, which was to submit fully to his touch. She felt his tongue trace the outline of her lips, and she exulted in the moist pleasure of it. She felt his fingers move down her back, and the shivery trail his touch left had Pippi feeling so lightheaded that by the time she realized why he had placed her hands behind her back, it was already too late.

One telltale click, followed by the slap of cold hard metal around her wrists, and it was only then that the truth hit home.

He had cuffed her!

Acheron smirked as Pippi gasped against his mouth, but even so he didn’t think twice about taking advantage of her fully parted lips. His tongue slid in, and the kiss at once turned explosive. Her tongue mated with his, shyly at first and then with growing confidence, until it was his turn to gasp.

Knowing that to lose his head completely would be bad for both of them, he forced himself to jerk away, and the sound of her tiny mewl of protest at having the kiss end had Acheron squeezing his eyes shut as he strove for control.

Pippi’s heart thundered against her chest as Acheron opened his eyes and she saw the blatant glitter of desire. He frightened and thrilled her at the same time, and the shackles around her wrists only served to heighten the situation. It seemed impossible to think that this was truly happening, and the lethally sexy figure he cut in his police uniform only added to the surreal, hallucinatory feel of the moment.

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