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And Acheron had known it.

‘Come here.’ An arrogant crook of his fingers that should’ve incensed her, but it had only made Pippi feel light-headed as a creamy rush of moisture had her silk panties soaking wet in seconds.

Her every step had been a struggle, her heart hammering so hard she had barely heard anything over it. Naked. Alone. Room. The words had made her feel dizzy, and she had felt like she was walking on a tightrope. By the time she finally reached Acheron, she was a trembling, wet mess, and when she felt his hands on her shoulders, gently pushing her down in a silent command to make her kneel —

She had done so without a qualm, her breasts actually swelling with shameless anticipation at what could happen now that she was on her knees.

‘Would you like to learn how to pleasure this monster, mikrí mou?’

If anyone else had uttered the words, it would have sounded ludicrous and cartoonish. But because it had been Acheron Simonides saying them – to her – the words had only made Pippi’s nipples tighten with burning need.

Answer me, Pippi.

Do you want my cock in your mouth?

Looking up into his black-as-midnight eyes, she had only been able to whisper, ‘Yes’.

Yes, she had wanted to learn how to pleasure him.

Yes, she had wanted his cock in her mouth.

Yes, yes, yes!

And so his cock had gone into her mouth, and it had been nothing like she imagined. Velvet and steel, salt and earth, raw and masculine – all the splendid things that made one a man. With every drop of his pre-cum flavoring her tongue, she had felt her head spinning faster and faster, her control slipping further and further until all her thoughts were gone, and the only thing left was the soft, rough feel of his manhood sliding back and forth against her lips—-


Pippi hastily reined her thoughts in the moment she felt telltale wetness pooling between her thighs. Oh dear Lord, to be aroused by mere memories—

“Reliving last night, mikrí mou?” Acheron asked silkily, having detected the sudden flush in her cheeks.

“L-Last night?” The shrillness of her voice made Pippi cringe anew. “What do you mean? There’s nothing about last night to relive—”

“Is that so?” Acheron drawled. “Then perhaps I need to refresh your memory…”

She saw him leaning towards her and panicked. “Actually, I do remember after all, and they’re all sufficiently shameless and lewd, thank you very much.”

Acheron threw his head back with a laugh.

“It’s not funny,” she muttered. “I don’t even know how I’ll ever be able to look at myself in the mirror—”

“We didn’t do anything wrong, baby,” he cut her off gently.

“But I slept with you.”

“Slept being the operative word.”

“And you were nude!”

“Which isn’t a crime,” he countered.

“Even so!”

He rubbed his jaw, saying, “I guess that means you’re not amenable to sharing the shower—” She was out of the room in a flash, and just as the door closed, he caught a glimpse of her accidentally bumping into a groggy-looking Rue.

A moment later, he heard Pippi moan, followed by the unmistakable sound of Rue’s voice saying very loudly, OH MY GOD, PIPPI JUST CAME OUT OF ACHERON’S ROOM!

This had him heading to the shower with a grin, and when Acheron came down to join the Jones family for breakfast, he was further amused to see the others weren’t done ribbing their big sister. Even Astrid had joined in the fun, with the older woman asking Pippi so very innocently, “Would you like some sausages, dear – or have you already had your fill?”

“Oh my God, MOM!”

It had everyone in tears, but what truly had the whole family nearly falling off their seats was when Acheron joined the conversation. His handsome face grave, he turned to Astrid, saying, “You have my word that your daughter shall never go hungry for, err, sausages—”

“Acheron, my God!”

The look on Pippi’s face was priceless, and as there was nothing like a common enemy – or, in this case, a common person to torment – to create strong bonds, by the time Acheron and Pippi had to leave for work, it was as if he was already one of them.

Rue made him promise to help her with schoolwork, Astrid insisted on giving him a packed lunch similar to Pippi’s, and even her impudent trio of aunts had their moment, with Acheron given a list of what they wanted for tonight’s dinner.

It was, all in all, a good way to start the day, Acheron reflected as he followed Pippi out of the house. Even her neighbors were a rather nice bunch, with the widow living across the street understandably giving him the evil eye the moment she saw him place his hand on the small of Pippi’s back.

“Your neighbor looks like she’s just one scowl away from calling 911 and reporting an abduction,” he murmured.

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